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  • prices adjusted to your portfolio
  • unlimited adverts in your on-line office
  • simple and easy to use on-line software for your adverts and promotions
  • personalised attention from an account manager the website you can trust when looking for a home

people looking for a home turn to the web - 3 million users are looking for a home on the internet

  • easy navigation and one single goal: to find a home
  • complete information and quality control
  • videos and virtual tours produced by professional photographers: the possibility of "visiting" your home on the web
  • mapping performed by an internal team of cartographers using exclusive satellite maps
  • change the way you search for a home: "the home looks for you" - every day new adverts are sent by e-mail and sms

receive more and better contacts

  • you must insert the adverts one at a time and those people that are interested maand interested buyers may contact you immediately
  • qualified leads that generate appointments and complete information that guarantees good results

advantages of being a professional

  • adjusted prices depending on the service level, the portfolio size and the publication area (from 49 euros/month)
  • web space to publish your entire portfolio with unlimited free adverts
  • personalised attention to customers
  • property management software that lets you publish your adverts in idealista, on your web page and provides you with detailed information about how your adverts are doing
  • training in online marketing to improve sales view the calendar of online marketing courses

the web management program

on-line software that can publish from any computer

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***presença na primeira página de resultados da google para a pesquisa: apartamentos madrid (feb 2010)

interface of the express version, online software for professionals

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