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api v 0.5

first, we begin with a basic api that we will expand over time, including more features and fields. get your api key if you want to use our api services. a single idealista api key is valid for a single domain. read the idealista api documentation to know more api issues

terms of service

here are some terms you must know before start:

  • you may not alter the information we provide, including buildings information, real estate agents, images and logos.
  • you may not replace the urls we provide.
  • you must indicate that the information comes from idealista providing a link to our site (http://www.idealista.com/)
  • you can not sell our api to third parts.
  • The use of the idealista api is free. The author of the application shall request an express authorisation to idealista if the application is wanted to be used for any commercial purpose.
  • you acknowledge and agree that idealista may impose or adjust the limit on the number of transactions you may send or receive through the service.
  • The use of the idealista api is at your sole risk and the author of the application will be the unique responsible for the use of his/her application.
  • if you break the terms of service or you abuse of the service, idealista can block your requests.

get your api key!

example: http://www.idealista.com/

any help is appreciated, visit our group

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changelog api v 0.5

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