Spanish property news

Spanish property news

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Where are the top places to see opera in Spain? / Pixabay

The very best of opera in Spain

While it may be true that Spain isn’t as famed for its opera as perhaps Italy or Germany, there is actually a surprising wealth of opera houses and quality performances put on frequently in every major city in the country.
Castle for sale in Barraco, Spain

House of the week - 14th September 2018

This is a truly unique property for its specialist features, location and luxury finishes. Located on a spectacular private island of over 10 km2 sitting in a spectacular mountain lake, this magnificent walled castle has been completely renovated so it is habitable.
The five best natural treasures that Spain has to offer

5 natural landscapes to discover in Spain

If your Instagram account is full of photos of swimming pools and beaches with the caption "it’s a hard life", perhaps the time has come for you to take a getaway to nature. What better, then, than this small guide to Spain’s natural treasures that you should visit at least once in your life?
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