Best places to visit in Spain

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The five best natural treasures that Spain has to offer

5 natural landscapes to discover in Spain

If your Instagram account is full of photos of swimming pools and beaches with the caption "it’s a hard life", perhaps the time has come for you to take a getaway to nature. What better, then, than this small guide to Spain’s natural treasures that you should visit at least once in your life?
The Plaza de España in Seville

10 places in Spain that have been used in movies

The magic of cinema has immortalised lots of places in Spain by turning them into the setting for national and international productions. Cities, monuments and natural landscapes, many of them easily recognisable, are all part of the history of the film world.
These are the five best places in northern Spain to visit in 2018 /

The 5 most beautiful towns in the north of Spain

Throughout the north of Spain, there are countless villages of great beauty that simply ooze history. In recent years, an association for the ‘Most Beautiful Towns in Spain’ has decided to bring together all these municipalities to promote them and spread their fame around the world.
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