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Buying property off-plan in Spain is an increasingly popular option

Off-plan property for sale in Spain

One of the best ways to buy a cheap house in Spain is to buy an off-plan property. An off-plan property is simply a property that hasn’t been built yet, something that is on the rise in Spain. During the recent coronavirus crisis, the construction sector of new houses in Spain has taken a hit, never

Snagging list explained

You may have heard the term ‘snagging’ before and may be wondering what it means. Snagging is an informal expression used within the construction industry which is used to describe the process of defect identification and resolution on buying off-plan properties.

idealista activates a "virtual tour" filter

idealista has added a new search filter that allows the user to view only those listings that have a "virtual tour". These are listings that, in addition to photos, use the latest technological graphics that allow you to visit a property from the comfort of your own home.
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Ready to find the house of your dreams?

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