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Brexit has been postponed until 30th June 2019 / Gtres

Brexit is delayed

In the latest Brexit development, the House of Commons voted today to push back the Brexit date by 3 months. With this new parliamentary vote, British MPs have decided to extend Article 50 by 413 votes to 202 and allow more time than was originally planned before Brexit comes into effect.
Work contracts in Spain: types, clauses and conditions / Gtres

Work contracts in Spain

Moving to Spain, getting an apartment, finding a job… it can all be very exhausting. When you finally get a job, you’d like to just sign the work contract without giving it a second thought. However, it’s very important to understand the basics of Spanish employment contracts before signing one.
What do you need to insure your car in Spain? / Gtres

Car insurance for ex-pats in Spain

A big part of getting settled when you move to Spain is having a car. Whether you bring it over with you from home and get it registered or you buy a Spanish car while you’re out here, you’ll need to get insured.
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