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Living in Spain after Brexit: rules, rights and red tape / Gtres

8 tips for Brexit

1. Attain a NIE number A NIE number is a tax identification number for foreigners which identifies you before the Spanish Tax Office and allows you to file and pay taxes in Spain. For more details on how to get a NIE number, see our guide explaining all about the NIE Number.
What do you need to insure your car in Spain? / Gtres

Car insurance for ex-pats in Spain

A big part of getting settled when you move to Spain is having a car. Whether you bring it over with you from home and get it registered or you buy a Spanish car while you’re out here, you’ll need to get insured.
Validating a university degree from another country in Spain / Gtres

Getting your academic degree accredited in Spain

Getting your academic degree recognised in Spain (also known as homologación) isn’t always a simple procedure. But why do you need to do it? Having an overseas qualification officially recognised in Spain means that is has the same value as its Spanish equivalent.
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