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Visas in Spain

Spanish residency visa overview

Spain stands as the second most visited country in the world with over 84 million visitors every year. I won’t go into what makes living in Spain so appealing as it would take me weeks to do a write up! Besides, it’s off the point. What matters is that it’s a beautiful country to get lost in.
Spanish Nota Simple: What is it, and how do you get one?

Nota simple in Spain explained

A nota simple is a legal document you will often hear in Spain. In this short post we give a brief outline on what it is and why it is so useful. It’s important for a host of reasons and applies to a large number of cases.
Where do most expats live in Spain?

Where do British expats live in Spain?

A sizeable amount of property demand in Spain comes from expats who have relocated to the country, and despite uncertainties such as Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic, the expat population in Spain continues to grow and moving to Spain in 2021 continues to be a good idea.
Buying property in Spain 2021

6 reasons to buy property in Spain in 2021

After several months of pandemic, the real estate sector in Spain is gradually recovering its activity, something which has been revealed by the Real Estate Activity Register Index (IRAI) of the Association of Registrars, which shows how during the third quarter of 2020 the indicators related to pro
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