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Discover the best beaches in Spain / Ignorant Walking/Flickr

The 12 best beaches in Spain 2019

Spain is known all over the world for its spectacular beaches, and as summer draws nearer, there’s nothing more appealing than just lying back on the soft sand, sunbathing and taking a swim in the sea.
The best kids' playground in the world? / NicolasVigier/Flickr

Gulliver Park in Valencia, Spain

In the centre of the city of Valencia in Spain is a curiously whimsical playpark for children that is sure to delight adults as well. Shaped like Gulliver washed up on the beach and tied down by the Lilliputians, it allows the kids to climb up, over and around his enormous body.
Visit the best Spanish art exhibitions at the start of 2019 / Pixabay

Art exhibitions to visit in Spain 2019

For all lovers of art, whether contemporary art, classical art, photography or anything else, these exhibitions happening in Spain in 2019 are absolutely unmissable. Here, we run down 5 of the best art shows to visit this year, so you can start the new year off on the right foot.
Maximise your living space and make a play area for the kids / Pixabay

Creating a kids’ playroom in a small space

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a room in your house just for the little ones to play? Or even better, if your home were big enough to have that kind of space. But reality bites and often makes things like a kids’ playroom unviable in an average-sized flats of 60-70 m2, or 650-750 sq ft.
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