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The beach right next to Malaga, the happiest city on Earth / Pixabay

The smiliest city in the world: Malaga

It's official: if you want to live in the happiest city in the world, just move to Malaga. According to a recent study by the Happiness Research Institute, the Andalusian city is first in the ranking of the happiest places in the world because people smile there the most.
Where are the top places to see opera in Spain? / Pixabay

The very best of opera in Spain

While it may be true that Spain isn’t as famed for its opera as perhaps Italy or Germany, there is actually a surprising wealth of opera houses and quality performances put on frequently in every major city in the country.
The Plaza de España in Seville

10 places in Spain that have been used in movies

The magic of cinema has immortalised lots of places in Spain by turning them into the setting for national and international productions. Cities, monuments and natural landscapes, many of them easily recognisable, are all part of the history of the film world.
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