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"Monas de Pascua" Spanish Easter cakes /

Traditional Easter food in Spain

Semana Santa is almost upon us again and the Easter holidays are a very important festival in Spain, celebrated this year from 5th to the 12th of April 2020. Due to the coronavirus outbreak in Spain, this year's celebrations may be a little different.
The Spanish 'olive oil tourism' routes /

Get to know the best olive oils in Spain

Olive oil is an authentic delicacy that we can serve both to accompany our most special dinners or a toast for breakfast. Its properties and benefits for our health are innumerable, and must become a basic ingredient in our cuisine.
Find the best places to eat fresh fish with a great view in Mallorca, Spain / echiner1/Flickr

The best restaurants in Mallorca 2019

Mallorca is a tourist destination that offers an astoundingly wide variety of restaurants, bars and clubs. This article is for people who go out of their way to find the best alternative places where the locals go, and not just the typical tourist traps.
How is Easter celebrated in Spain?

Easter in Spain

In Spain, the Holy Week of Easter is more than chocolate eggs and bunnies; it is a commemoration of the Passion, Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ, celebrated in the most sombre, most extravagantly Catholic way possible.
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