Spain's top 8 wild swimming lakes to cool off naturally this summer

Come take a dip in and enjoy the best natural spots in Spain / Wikimedia commons
Come take a dip in and enjoy the best natural spots in Spain / Wikimedia commons
15 July 2019, Redaction

As well as trying to escape the heat this summer, it’s also a nice time to go out looking for places to enjoy nature. Cool off and get back to the wild at the same time with these 8 naturally made wild swimming pools to take a dip in this summer.

Open water swimming has seen an explosion in popularity recently, so if you want to get in on the act, take note of these 8 best swimming lakes and natural swimming pools in Spain for a refreshing family getaway in 2019.

1. Poza del Gorg Blau, Catalonia

View of the pool / Wikimedia commons

Wild swimming in Catalonia doesn’t get better than this natural pool located in the Gorg Blau reservoir in the region of La Garrotxa, Girona. This waterfall has a spectacular mix of rocks and grass for sunbathing on and small waterfalls and the pool with ice-cold water.

Start planning your visit now to this remote area of the Catalonian countryside, where you can enjoy a day of hiking, climbing, trekking and, of course, wild water swimming.

2. Poza de los Patos, Nerja

Waters of the river Chíllar /

Nerja, one of the most popular places on the Costa del Sol for tourists, hides a secret off the beaten track if you go a little bit inland... the waters of the river Chíllar feed this natural swimming spot, little known among holidaymakers visiting the area. The locals recommend the waters of the Poza de los Patos (which translates as Duck Pond) especially to asthmatics because of their supposedly incredible healing properties.

It’s so secluded and peaceful that to get there you have to walk along a beautiful route through the forest and mountains, surrounded by nature and fresh air, until you can finally enjoy a dip in the cool swimming pool.

3. Fuentes del Algar, Alicante

Algar waterfall /

On the Algar River, near the Callosa d'En Sarrià in Alicante, there is a series of famous waterfalls and small lagoons. The entire area of the Algar waterfalls in Spain is very well signposted so the walk is easy and suitable for anyone.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most magical places to visit in the whole province of Alicante, and one of the best wild swimming spots in Spain.

4. Arenas de San Pedro, Ávila

Arenas de San Pedro pool /

The pools in San Pedro, a pleasant little village in Ávila, are well prepared for the public, with grass, bars and a special children's pool! You'll find the water is clear and inviting but terribly cold, so it’s only for the brave!

Our advice: try to avoid the weekends when it’s busier and you’ll enjoy these swimming pools in San Pedro much more.

5. Swimming pools in Agaete, Gran Canaria

Saltwater pools /

20 miles from the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, you will find the beautiful little enclave of Agaete. The coast has several saltwater pools all connected to each other right next to the sea – a real sight to see! The high concentration of salt means you just float easily on the surface, so it’s perfect for children who can’t swim very well.

To make it even easier for visitors, these wild swimming pools near Gran Canaria have stairs for getting in and out, just like a man-made swimming pool but it’s au naturel.

6. Pozas de Mougás, Galicia

Waterfall and well /

In the heart of the Serra da Groba mountain range, in the north-western coastal province of Pontevedra, there are several rivers that have formed countless waterfalls and pools over the years. Getting there takes a short hike but it's totally worth it for the chance to go nature swimming in this stunning place.

Experts recommend that, even better than in summer, you should visit in the rainy season to appreciate the true wonders of nature and the abundance of water, but be very careful when swimming.

7. Acebo pools, Cáceres

Perfect pool for the kids /

In the province of Cáceres, specifically in the Sierra de Gata, are the Acebo pools, some of the best swimming places in inland Spain. These swimming pools are located just 2 km from the village of Acebo, on the road to Ciudad Rodrigo. They are perfectly equipped for summer fun, being easily accessible by car and with plenty of parking space.

This collection of natural pools even comes with its own bar-restaurant, so you can have a tasty lunch up there with an amazing view.

8. Beceite lagoons, Teruel

Relaxing swimming pool /

In the heart of the Maestrazgo region, nestled between the canyons of the River Matarraña on the Teruel side, is the natural swimming pool of Beceite.

This being an area with a strong tradition of hiking, people on the trails stop on the way to freshen up in this pool. Even so, you’ll notice that it’s still a little-known area with few signs of mass tourism, so if you’re looking for a bit of privacy or something off the beaten track, going to Beceite will be worth every day you spend there.


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