COVID-19 face mask rules in Spain: masks no longer compulsory outdoors

We have the latest Spain coronavirus face mask rules and regulations which come into force on 26th June 2021.

Summer 2021 COVID regulations in Spain
Spain mask rules 2021
24 June 2021, Emma Donaldson

Earlier this year, Spain's PM Pedro Sánchez announced that face mask rules would be relaxed in the country as the vaccine roll-out continues to speed up. The Spanish health authorities confirmed the new face mask rules in Spain which came into force on Saturday 26th June 2021. We have the details on when you do and don't have to wear your face mask in Spain this summer. 

Do you have to wear a face mask in Spain? Spain's new face mask regulations state that as of 26th June, face coverings will not be compulsory outdoors, only if and when a safety distance of 1.5 metres can be kept. It is however important to note that it will be mandatory to carry a face mask with you at all times even if you are outside. The mask must be used in situations where the 1.5 metre social distance cannot be maintained.

The obligation to wear a face mask outdoors in Spain came into force over a year ago in May 2020. The news that face masks will no longer be compulsory outside in Spain has been widely welcomed by locals and by tourists hoping to travel to Spain this summer. Experts however ask people to be cautious and those who wish to continue to wear a face mask in Spain this summer are of course free and encouraged to do so. Face masks are also still compulsory in all indoor and closed spaces for anyone over the age of 6.

Face masks in Spain must be worn in:

  • Public transport
  • Shops and shopping centres 

  • Restaurants and bars when not eating or drinking

  • Gyms and indoor sports facilities

  • Any closed space that is open to the public

  • Theatres, cinemas and other spaces dedicated to culture

  • Any other situation (including outdoors) when a 1.5 metre social distance cannot be observed. 

Failure to obey Spain's mask rules in 2021 will result in fines which can reach up to 100 euros this summer. 

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