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The 10 mistakes of first-time renters

If you’ve ever looked for a place to rent at least once in your life, you’ll know that the best deals should be grabbed with both hands of as soon as they come up.

The first sustainable houseboat built in Spain which will save you taxes

The Earth has more water than land surface, a fact that has led man to design numerous urban development projects on the sea: from The World, the archipelago of artificial islands in the form of a globe in Dubai, to Artisanopolis, a modern Atlantis that they want to build on the waters of French Pol

7 tips for negotiating the price of a Spanish property

It’s possible to haggle over the price of a home as long as you have the right motivation. The Spanish company Indivisa Personal Shopper Inmobiliario explains how to go about a successful negotiation and reduce the initial asking price.

What is the ‘Fiesta de las Cruces de Mayo’ in Alicante?

The ‘Fiesta de las Cruces de Mayo’, the Festivity of the Crosses of the Month of May, is part of one of the most beautiful popular festivals in Spain. It is held in the Santa Cruz district of Alicante, a picturesque place that puts its party clothes on to welcome these special fiestas.

How to transform a property before renting it out

If you plan to rent out your property, you should first improve it with some changes that will make it more attractive for the market. The more expansive the improvements you make, the easier it will be to rent it for a good price.

The best music festivals in Spain

We’re all looking forward to the good weather, because that means summer, holidays and fun. However, many people are hoping that spring will come soon because that’s when the music festivals in Spain start coming, one after another.

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