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Spanish property news

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Game of Thrones filming locations in Spain

Find out all the places where famous scenes from Game of Thrones was filmed in Spain /
Game of Thrones is back! The long-awaited final season of the most epic series of our generation is here after fans had to wait almost 20 months to know the outcome of one of the most successful medieval fantasies in the history of television.

The best golf courses in Spain

Spain is one of the best countries in Europe for playing golf / Pixabay
With its over 3000 hours of sunshine a year and ample green spaces, Spain is an ever-popular place to play golf. In fact, there are around 350 golf courses in Spain, many of them recognised as some of the best golf courses in Europe, if not in the world.

How to avoid capital gains tax when selling property in Spain

Capital gains tax mitigation on selling property / Flickr/Creative commons
On selling property in Spain, you are liable for two taxes: plusvalía and capital gains tax (CGT). In this short article on Spanish tax, we will focus on four strategies to mitigate a seller’s exposure to CGT, which range from completely negating it to reducing it significantly.

Gulliver Park in Valencia, Spain

The best kids' playground in the world? / NicolasVigier/Flickr
In the centre of the city of Valencia in Spain is a curiously whimsical playpark for children that is sure to delight adults as well. Shaped like Gulliver washed up on the beach and tied down by the Lilliputians, it allows the kids to climb up, over and around his enormous body.

House of the week - 12th April 2019

Traditional Spanish 'hacienda' property for sale in Andalusia
Imagine living in a traditional Spanish hacienda estate in the countryside. This finca for sale in Spain, located just 30 minutes south of Seville, is more like a palace and is surely one of Andalusia's finest country houses.

Termination of long-term lease agreements and ‘silent renewal’

What happens when your rental lease is up in Spain? / Gtres
Spain has recently amended its rental laws in March 2019, in most cases to the detriment of landlords, creating serious legal obligations that landlords should be acutely aware of. One of the issues that is important to understand is what happens to a long-term lease when it is over.

The smiliest city in the world: Malaga

The beach right next to Malaga, the happiest city on Earth / Pixabay
It's official: if you want to live in the happiest city in the world, just move to Malaga. According to a recent study by the Happiness Research Institute, the Andalusian city is first in the ranking of the happiest places in the world because people smile there the most.

House of the week - 5th April 2019

Luxury villa for sale in exclusive Marbella estate
This impressive 11-bedroom villa for sale in Guadalmina Baja is just 200 metres from the beach. The private residential area of Guadalmina Baja in Marbella, Andalusia provides a level of exclusivity and comfort that is designed to leave visitors speechless.

House of the week - 29th March 2019

Ultraluxury villa for sale in La Zagaleta
This is a traditional top-quality villa located on one of the best plots in La Zagaleta, Marbella, which is known as one of the most exclusive luxury areas in all of Spain. This ultraluxe villa offers spectacular views over the Mediterranean Sea and the south coast of Spain.
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