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Spanish property news

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House of the week - 14th June 2019

This historical building for sale in northern Spain is like a castle
The ‘pazo’ is a very special type of old property that is found in north-western Spain, specifically areas like Galicia and Asturias. These traditional manor houses are like castles or palaces, and nowadays make for excellent luxury homes for sale in Spain.

How to formally end long-term lease agreements in Spain

Be sure to follow all the legal steps to cancel your rental agreement in Spain / Gtres
For many this topic may seem rather pointless or futile; but the fact of the matter is that if you fail to cancel a lease agreement properly in Spain, it may have serious legal (and financial) repercussions for the tenant.

House of the week - 31st May 2019

You may recognise this house from a certain Hollywood blockbuster...
This one-of-a-kind modern luxury villa in the exclusive private estate of Monte Pego, Alicante has its very own style that is sure to knock you off your feet, or may already have done if you’ve seen Ridley Scott’s “The Counselor” with Brad Pitt, in which this house appeared.

How to buy and sell a property in Spain other than in euros

Here's how you can buy or sell a house in Spain in dollars or pounds / Mark Hodson/Flickr
A question we frequently get asked is if you can buy and sell property in Spain in a currency other than euros. The short answer is yes, and in fact it is done fairly frequently. Here’s a daft little example which in truth happens all the time.
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