The most expensive cities on the planet for a weekend getaway (and Madrid is fourth on the list)

Madrid is one of the most expensive cities to spend a weekend
Madrid is one of the most expensive cities to spend a weekend
26 November 2019, Redaction

The quality of life in a city is measured not only by average wages, household savings capacity or rental prices, but also by the expenditure made by tourists. For Deutsche Bank, Milan, Copenhagen, Zurich and Madrid are the most expensive cities for a weekend getaway. The study also takes as a reference the expenditure made by two people during a weekend getaway.

In 2019 Milan replaces Copenhagen as the most expensive city in the world, followed by Zurich, Madrid, Vienna and London. In the city in northern Italy, a weekend getaway would cost 2,467 euros on average, while the Danish capital reaches 1,933 euros.

Zurich (Switzerland) occupies the third spot at 1,918 euros and Madrid rises five places with 1,901 euros as the average expenditure for a couple of tourists on a weekend visit, already surpassing other European capitals such as London, Paris or Rome. Vienna is in fifth place at 1,885 euros.

To carry out the study, Deutsche Bank has taken into account how much two nights in a standard five-star hotel room cost, two lunches and two dinners for two, two beers and four litres of water or soft drinks, the rental of one car for two days and a shopping getaway, which includes buying a pair of trousers and a pair of shoes.

If we go to the private expenses, we find that, according to the study, in Madrid the daily rental of a car costs about 125 euros, including insurance, the eighth most expensive of all analysed cities. Among the three most expensive cities for car rentals are London, 157 euros per day, Jakarta (Indonesia), 147 euros per day, and Hong Kong (China), 146 euros per day.

The cost of two nights in a standard room in a five-star hotel in Madrid is one of the most expensive of the 54 cities in the study. The capital appears in second place at 657 euros, only surpassed by the 876 euros found in Milan. Vienna occupies the third spot at 653 euros per night. In Madrid, the Hotel Villa Magna was taken as a reference.

Drinks are among the cheapest products in the Spanish capital. 2 litres of Coca-Cola in Madrid go for about 1.60 euros (34th position), far from the 4.30 euros in Oslo, the most expensive by far. In addition, a pint of beer costs on average about 4.60 euros in the Spanish capital (28th position), falling three places over last year. Dubai, Oslo and Copenhagen are the three most expensive at 10.30 euros, 8.90 euros and 7.70 euros, respectively.

As for shopping, Madrid also appears among the cheapest cities with 75 euros for a pair of branded trainers by brands Adidas or Nike. Zurich (137.60 euros), Copenhagen (128 euros) and Oslo (113 euros) are the three most expensive cities. Meanwhile, the price of a pair of Levi’s jeans costs an average of 72 euros in Madrid (24th, two less than in 2018). Once again, Zurich, Oslo and Copenhagen appear as the most expensive cities for these purchases.

The most expensive cities for a weekend getaway:

SwitzerlandZurich 1,918.64
Austria Vienna 1,884.90
United KingdomLondon1,868.48
EgyptCairo 1,742.64
NorwayOslo 1,712.55
FranceParís 1,640.51
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