A guide to Blue Flag beaches in Spain in 2021

Spain is a world leader when it comes to beaches. Let's find out which Spanish coasts are home to the most beaches with Blue Flags this summer 2021.

Blue Flag beaches Spain
Blue Flag beaches Spain
8 July 2021, Redaction

The famous Blue Flag has been identifying the best beaches in the world for over 30 years. The criteria for this highly recognised award in Spain of this distinction range from water quality to services and facilities, including environmental management by the authorities.

How many Blue Flag beaches does Spain have? Spain has the privilege of leading the world ranking (and has done so since 1987) with 615 Blue Flag beaches in Spain in 2021. The quality of Spain's beaches and ports is growing year after year and this summer Spain has obtained 25 new Blue Flags on its beaches.

When thinking about your summer holidays this summer 2021, choose one of these blue flag beaches in Spain and enjoy the the best beaches in the country. Check out our guide detailing some of the municipalities with the largest number of Blue Flag beaches in Spain. Rent a holiday home in one of these destinations for summer 2021 with the guarantee that you will be able to enjoy quality beaches, with healthy and safe waters for all the family.

Sanxenxo in Pontevedra

Praia de Areas
Praia de Areas
Wikimedia commons

The Galician municipality of Sanxenxo has 17 beaches with blue flags and has become the most distinctive Spanish holiday destinations. Galicia has an increasing number of blue flag beaches and the merits of these beaches are the quality of their waters (despite the fact that many people say they are a little too cold for swimming). They are especially well known for the easy access to the beaches, children's activities, lifeguards and rescue stations. In addition, among the 17 beaches with blue flags in Sanxenxo, there is plenty on offer for those who enjoy calm seas, in Playa Canelas for example, and those who prefer some waves for fun, in Playa Montalvo.

The 17 blue flag beaches in Sanxenxo are:

  • Playa A Lapa
  • Playa Agra
  • Playa Areas
  • Playa Areas Gordas
  • Playa Baltar
  • Playa Bascuas
  • Playa Canelas
  • Playa Caneliñas
  • Playa Espiñeiro-A Lanzada
  • Playa Foxos
  • Playa Major
  • Playa Montalvo
  • Playa Nosa Señora da Lanzada
  • Playa Panadeira
  • Playa Paxariñas
  • Playa Pragueira
  • Playa Silgar

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Orihuela in Alicante

Playa Punta Prima in Orihuela
Playa Punta Prima in Orihuela
Wikimedia commons

Orihuela is a municipality in the interior part of Alicante but at the same time, is part of the Costa Blanca and has an outlet to the sea. It is surrounded by orchards and mountains and if you visit the area, don't forget to pay a visit to the town centre, which has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site. This area is a lot more peaceful and has less tourists than the surrounding towns of Torrevieja or Santa Pola.

The Orihuela coast is an area of open beaches, white sand and cliffs with transparent waters, somethng which has contributed to the impressive number of Blue Flag beaches here. In total, on the Orihuela coast you will find 11 beaches that have been awarded the Blue Flag for the quality of their waters and services.

The 11 blue flag beaches in Orihuela are:

  • Playa Aguamarina
  • Playa Barranco Rubio
  • Playa Cabo Roig - La Caleta
  • Cala Capitán
  • Cala Cerrada
  • Cala Estaca
  • Cala Mosca
  • Playa Campoamor
  • Playa La Zenia - Cala Bosque
  • Playa Mil Palmeras
  • Playa Punta Prima

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Águilas in Murcia

Wikimedia commons

Águilas is a breath of fresh air on the Murcian coast and is the perfect spot for those fleeing the tourist hotspots this summer 2021. At the same time, it is the ideal destination for families looking for accessible beaches where you can easily meet up with family and friends to enjoy a full day of sun, sand and swimming. For a peaceful break, perfect for social distancing this summer, head to the coast of Águilas and take advantage of its 9 Blue Flag beaches:

  • Playa Calarreona
  • Playa La Carolina
  • Playa La Casica Verde
  • Playa La Colonia
  • Playa La Higuerica
  • Playa Las Delicias
  • Playa Levante
  • Playa Matalentisco
  • Playa Poniente

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Vigo and the Cíes Islands in Pontevedra

Playa de Rodas
Playa de Rodas
Wikimedia commons

Heading back to Galicia, we can't get enough of the beautiful beaches in the Rias Baixas area of the region and it is not surprising that another Pontevedra municipality appears in this ranking. When you think of the city of Vigo, it's impossible to forget about the Cíes Islands, and especially the spectacular Playa de Rodas (Rodas Beach). Many people compare this beach to those found in the Caribbean, and a few years ago the Guardian newspaper in the UK named it "the best beach in the world".

But this is not the only beach on offer in Vigo, as this municipality boasts 10 blue flags on its beaches. It's time to get ready to enjoy the sun, as well as pleasant temperatures and of course, beautiful beaches, all part of a Galician summer.

The 10 blue flag beaches in Vigo are:

  • Playa A Punta
  • Playa Argazada
  • Playa Canido
  • Playa Carril
  • Playa Fontaiña
  • Playa Fortiñón
  • Playa O Vao
  • Playa Rodas (Cíes Islands)
  • Playa Samil
  • Playa Tombo do Gato

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