Tabarca: an island which is one of the most beautiful coastal towns in Alicante

Tabarca is a charming island on the Costa Blanca with lots to offer visitors.

Tabarca, Alicante
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16 September 2021, Redaction

One of the most beautiful coastal towns in Alicante is Tabarca. This picturesque island of 1,800 metres in length has a lot to offer tourists. It is located 9 kilometres from the coast of Santa Pola and has different historical elements that should be visited, such as the museum that tells the history of the island and the walled citadel of Carlos III, where you can find the tower of San José and the church of San Pedro and San Pablo.

Things to do in Tabarca

This is a very common destination for bathers who come from different beautiful towns on the Alicante coast such as Benidorm, Santa Pola and Torrevieja. In Tabarca, you can also enjoy a wide variety of restaurants, where you can try the most classic dishes of this beautiful place.

Visitors to the island should visit and enjoy its seabed, with exceptional places for diving, such as the wall, where you can observe large schools of fish; or get lost in the Cova del lleó marí and Cala el Francés, two coves of great natural beauty.

Living in Tabarca

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