Villajoyosa: the most colourful town on the Costa Blanca

Villajoyosa is a town that preserves typical Mediterranean streets in a its historic-artistic centre.

Villajoyosa, Alicante
16 September 2021, Redaction

In a list of beautiful Costa Blanca towns, you cannot miss Villajoyosa, a town that preserves the typical Mediterranean streets in a historic-artistic centre with walls and labyrinths of white houses that contrast with the flowers on its walls. Also known as La Vila, it is the place of origin of Valor chocolates and has 15 kilometres of coastline, where you can find fine sand beaches, coves and much more.

Things to do in Villajoyosa

In addition to being one of the beautiful towns on the Alicante coast, it stands out for being one of the Spanish towns with the best preserved Roman remains. It also has places of great tourist interest such as the Castle of Santa Bárbara or splendid sights such as the Pantano del Amadorio.

In Villajoyosa you can enjoy many possibilities, from enjoying a good fish dish in any of its restaurants to taking a walk along the promenade or enjoying some active tourism, with hiking activities and snorkelling. Villajoyosa offers possibilities for all tastes and needs.

Living in Villajoyosa

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