Lose yourself in your car: the best road trips in Spain

Spectacular road trips to see all of Spain

Road trips to hit the road this bank holiday
7 October 2021, Redaction

The summer is finished, but that doesnt mean that the opportunities for a holidy are past. With a bank holiday coming up at the end of the month, there will be the perfect opportunity for a getaway. How about a road trip? Here we have a few suggestions, only a few kilometres each, perfect to escape for a few days and to visit several locations without needing to spend hours at the wheel.

Set up your gps and sign up some family or friends to celebrate the bank-holiday instead of staying put. Every day; a new village. Every meal; new food. And every kilometre; a different destination to enjoy with all its little idiosyncrasies. Here are some of the best road trips in Spain.

Getaway on the Asturian coast

Elogio del Horizonte
Creative commons

Asturias has thousands of things to see, but we don't recommend trying to fit them all in one weekend, even the bank-holiday: you won't enjoy them fully. So, we’ve chosen a small chunk of coastline, around Avilés, so you can enjoy the traditional cachopos and sidrinas at a relaxed pace.

This trip will start in Gijón, with its showstopping sculpture, Elogio del Horizonte and the Roman baths at Campo Valdés. It might not be the time for a bath, but a stroll along the San Lorenzo beach is obligatory.

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Set aside a day to explore Luanco, one of the most picturesque villages on the whole Asturian coast. Don’t miss the port, where you can see the boats arrive with all of the seafood you can enjoy in the local restaurants. And last but not least, your trip should swing by Cudillero: an explosion of colour for your eyes which attracts thousands of tourists every summer but now in Autumn you can enjoy it all to yourself.

Getaway to the Sierra Norte de Madrid

Hayedo de Montejo
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Most of the tourists that come to the Community of Madrid do so to visit the capital. But it’s a mistake to just stay there and not make the most of your time to visit the Sierra north of the city.

Where to go? We have some recommendations: Rascafría and the glacier-carved landscape of Peñalara Natural Park, Buitrago de Lozoya, the Canencia ecological walking route, Somosierra, the Hayedo de Montejo forest… we could be here for a while recommending places to visit. This autumn, plan a trip with your friends to get to know this beautiful corner of Madrid. It will definitely surprise you.

Getaway to the El Morrazo region

Ons Island
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The region of El Morrazo is the perfect balance between the sea and the mountains, centred on the town of Cangas, better known as Cangas do Morrazo. While this stretch of the Pontevedran coast is famous in summer for its spectacular beaches, the rest of the year its Galician gastronomy make it a fantastic attraction.

Aside from filling your stomach, make a note of the little gems you can see on your trip: Moaña with its hiking trails and the viewpoint at A Fraga, the Island of Ons in Bueu, the sheer cliffs of the Soavela coast, and the vast historical and artistic heritage of Cangas, including its beautiful churches.

Getaway to the Sierra de Gredos

Sierra de Gredos
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Among these suggestions, we also have a spot for the more adventurous: the Sierra de Gredos. Hundreds of cliffs, ravines, and lakes have given shape to this natural marvel located between Ávila, Salamanca, Cáceres and Toledo. If you’re drowning in the big city, a few days breathing the pure air in these mountains will help you rest your body and mind.

If nature and hiking aren’t for you, you could start a gastro-road-trip through the villages of Arenas de San Pedro, Guisando, Santiago del Tormes, Candeleda, or Béjar.

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