The best restaurants in Mallorca 2019

Find the best places to eat fresh fish with a great view in Mallorca, Spain / echiner1/Flickr
Find the best places to eat fresh fish with a great view in Mallorca, Spain / echiner1/Flickr
22 May 2019, Alena Voronkova

Mallorca is a tourist destination that offers an astoundingly wide variety of restaurants, bars and clubs. This article is for people who go out of their way to find the best alternative places where the locals go, and not just the typical tourist traps. Let’s go find the secret places in Majorca, unique and loved by the people who live there, where you can eat the best food on the island.

These are the top 5 restaurants in Mallorca that you simply must visit:

1. La Fonda de Soller

This restaurant has typical Mallorcan food. It's such a small and authentic place that it doesn't even have a website. The restaurant Fonda de Soller belongs to a typical Majorcan family. You can't miss its famous stews, sandwiches and tapas. It's located in the centre of Palma de Mallorca right next to the tax office... it's not that easy to find, but it's well worth it!

2. Restaurant Illeta

Sitting on its own little island in the Camp de Mar and totally surrounded by the sea, this restaurant offers an unforgettable atmosphere that’s equal parts romantic and peaceful. However, it’s very popular and often full of people, so you have to book well in advance. While you’re here, you absolutely must try the seafood, paella and, of course, the views.

3. Ca's Patró March

This traditional Spanish beach bar is in the beautiful cove of Deiá. Here you can taste the freshest fish that money can buy. With its relaxing atmosphere and typical local food, this restaurant offers the perfect place to unwind in an informal setting with beautiful views.

4. Kingfisher

If what you're looking for is a place to have a luxury dinner in the picturesque Puerto de Soller, head to the Kingfisher restaurant. The price is fairly steep, but the supreme quality of the food and impeccable service more than make up for it.

5. Santi Taura

In the interior of the island, in the village of Lloseta, is this restaurant that has been so famous in recent years that you need to book months in advance. The dishes are exquisitely prepared, and you’re recommended to try the typical tasting menu.

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