The 10 most famous haunted houses in Spain

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14 October 2021, Redaction

On Halloween some like dress up to have a good time with their friends, while others prefer to go to the cinema to see a horror movie. Although Halloween was different last year, and maybe again this year, this doesn't mean that things have to be any less scary. If you think you’re really brave, then enjoy the scariest night of the year by taking our tour of the best haunted houses scattered throughout Spain and enjoy some Spanish ghost stories.

There are all kinds buildings: with ghosts, places where atrocious crimes were committed, old mental hospitals where tortured souls are trapped, and houses with walls where strange apparitions have been witnessed…

The House of the seven chimneys, Madrid

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The “Casa de las siete chimeneas” is located in Plaza del Rey in Madrid and used to be the love nest of Captain Zapata and his wife Elena. However, the happiness of their marriage was short-lived as the soldier died at war in Flanders. His wife was then found dead in his bedroom, but the cause of her death was never clarified, not to mention the fact that her body disappeared without a trace. Since then, a female is said to walk between the seven chimneys that crown the roof of the palace.

Thorax Hospital, Terrassa

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Another location that is steeped in death is this former hospital in Terrassa. In its day, the hospital specialised in patients with very serious respiratory illnesses and for many years was the medical centre with the highest suicide rate in Spain. The slow and painful death of the sick provoked a general psychosis that in many cases ended in suicide, and it is said that the sick were thrown from the ninth floor into the garden, nicknamed “the Jungle”, and still haunt the area to this day. 

Cortijo Jurado, Málaga

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Terrifying stories are told about this mansion in the neighbourhood of Campanillas in the region of Málaga. The Heredia family, known to be part of the high bourgeoisie, owned the farmhouse, and are also suspected of the disappearance of several girls on whom satanic rites were allegedly practiced. Many people claim to have heard strange noises at this spooky location, and others claim to have seen human figures in the window. Some versions even claim that there are instruments of torture in the basement and that the victims are buried under the house. Approach at your own risk!

Sanatorium of Santo Ángel de la Guarda, Madrid

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This sanatorium in the region of Madrid was built in 1941 to treat some of the most serious diseases that were plaguing the civilian population back then, such as tuberculosis, leprosy, polio, fibrosis and lung cancer. It was eventually converted into a psychiatric hospital and in 1995 it closed its doors once and for all. Until not long ago it was possible to go inside, and visitors could find the records and personal objects of former patients. Those who have been there speak of mysterious presences in the corridors, electrical devices that strangely stop working for no reason and doors that suddenly close violently. Many people also claim to have seen lights in the immensity of plants that resemble lanterns walking around.

The mystery of Ochate, Burgos

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In this tale, it is not only a house but the entire village of Ochate that is haunted and is known for its paranormal mysteries. This village has been abandoned and uninhabited since the middle of the 19th century, and during that period suffered different epidemics that wiped out the population. In 1981 the presence of a UFO was even detected.

The ghost of Catalina in Casa Lercaro, Tenerife

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The origins of this scary story are related to the old house of the Lercaro family, which is located in Calle de San Agustín and dates back to the late 16th century. "Catalina" lived in this building: many believe that this girl was the daughter of Antonio Lercaro and that she was forced to marry an elderly man, and for this reason the young woman decided to take her own life by throwing herself into a well at the back of the house, an area which is now closed with a wall. Legend has it that Catalina's body is buried in one of the rooms within the house and haunts the property to this day. This is due to the fact that because she committed suicide, the Church denied giving her a Christian burial in a cemetery.

Preventorium of Aguas de Bussot, Alicante

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This old sanatorium for tuberculosis during the civil war is nowadays associated with strange events and rumors that the church within the building was home to sessions of spiritism, Ouija and black magic.

Old building of the Provincial Council of Granada, Granada

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During work on this site, workers got quite a shock as human bones were found. Later, when the building was used as a provincial council, strange phenomena such as ghostly presences, gusts of wind, noises and mysterious lights happened that evidently frightened the workers in this building in the city of Granada.

Bélmez de la Moraleda, Jaén

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Another paranormal event of great national impact in Spain has been that of the faces of Bélmez. Stains on the floor and walls that look like human faces are said to have been appearing and disappearing in the building since 1971 in a house on Calle Real number 5 in the village of Bélmez in Jaén, and they still appear in 2021. 

Teatro Eslava, Madrid

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This location in Madrid will be familar to many, used nowadays as a nightclub and concert venue. In the past, literary rivalry and a quarrel over a woman were the cause of the murder of playwright Luis Antón on March 2nd, 1922 at the hands of Alfonso Vidal in the old theatre. Since then it has been said that his soul wanders around the place and haunts party goers to this very day.

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