Eight services included in your home insurance (which you probably don't know)

17 September 2019, Redaction

When you receive payment from your home insurance policy, you probably think that it doesn't compensate you: you pay it religiously and you never give up anything. Until one day some mishap occurs and you are delighted to have it hired. The truth is that we do not usually read the insurance policy clauses, for reasons such as lack of time or being very cumbersome. But you may be surprised to know that there are certain very useful services offered by your home insurance.

Which are they? Obviously everything will depend on the type of insurance you have contracted, but there are many companies that offer other services beyond repairing a broken glass, within the basic packages. For example, a few hours for a handyman a year or the recovery of computer data. "Almost all companies are already going to offer other services, not so related to the insured goods but that go beyond", states the insurance company Allianz.

Let's see some of these services:

  1. DIY service. Are you awful at hanging pictures or assembling furniture? Do you have a dripping tap? Some insurance providers offer a few hours of a "handyman" a year, who will come to your home for free. It can be from 3 to 5 hours a year and it will solve your problems if DIY is not your thing.
  2. A plan B if you've been left without a kitchen. You should know that laundry costs, if necessary, and restaurant meals until the kitchen is operational again, are usually included.
  3. Recovery of computer data. This service is also common in policies, an aid to recover data from hard drives in case they have suffered a failure, a breakdown or loss of content due to human error.
  4. If your house has suffered damages and you have to move temporarily to another one, another interesting and little known coverage is the one that covers the expenses of moving and storage (furniture storage). Likewise, if you can't go back to your home due to accident, hotel expenses will be covered (as well as maintenance).
  5. The power has gone out and the food in the fridge and freezer has broken down. This is another situation that can occur and that many people don't know. In this case, this contingency is also covered: the company covers the amount of food that has been damaged if it has a ticket or proof of purchase (or photographs of them).
  6. Robbery outside the house. Clearly, this contingency is part of this policy of covering situations that are not related to the covered asset. In this case, the house in which you reside. With the limits stipulated by each policy, it usually covers theft (with violence, force or threat) for the people who live in the house, not just the policyholder.
  7. Issues in the neighbourhood community? Many insurance policies also offer free legal assistance in case of any problems with neighbours. 
  8. Cockroaches, no thank you. Another free service, to request one or several interventions a year for the control of pests of cockroaches, mice, rats and other animals.

In any case, it is advisable to "waste a little time" reading what it covers and what your home insurance does not. Thus, there will be no surprises in case of an accident and you will be well informed about what you can demand from the insurance provider

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