Why Spain is the perfect country for remote workers

With the rise in working from home due to COVID-19, Spain is preparing to be a paradise for teleworkers.

Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash
Photo by Domenico Loia on Unsplash
29 July 2020, Emma Donaldson

The coronavirus pandemic that is affecting countries across the world has caused the paralysis of many economies, with the tourism and hotel sectors among the most affected. In the case of Spain, a country on the road to the “new normal”, there have been serious consequences for the tourism sector this year and in the future. However, some creative strategies are being considered to attract foreigners back to Spain after the long period of COVID-19 confinement, and one of these measures is “telework tourism”.

Telework tourism

Nowadays there is a lot of focus on teleworking, remote working or working from home, to mention just a few of the names to describe this trend that is seen as the new way to carry out our work activities, not just in Spain but across the world. Daily commutes to the office are becoming a thing of the past and many workers are choosing to work from countries far from where their company is even located, giving rise to the “digital nomad”.

Spain wants to encourage remote workers to jump on this bandwagon and choose the country as their work destination of choice for a few months of the year or even permanently. Some of Spain’s most popular sun and beach destinations see a potential tourist in this profile and want to promote stays that combine work with holidays. The Canary Islands, for example, are considering promoting this idea of “telework tourism” to attract foreigners, including plans to open hundreds of co-working spaces.

Why is Spain the perfect place to become a remote worker?

It is certainly no coincidence that many people from abroad who work remotely want to choose Spain as their new home, either for an extended period or on a long-term basis. But why Spain? Here are some reasons why Spain is the perfect destination for your new office:

Good work/life balance

There’s a saying in Spanish that translates as: “in many countries, people live to work, but in Spain, we work to live.” Life in Spain is certainly not all about work and the timetable of the country also means that after work, going out for a drink with friends and relaxing is the norm. Keep in mind that Spain also has one more hour of daylight than the UK, which means longer days and no more commuting in the dark!

Great weather

Depending on your destination of choice in Spain, the weather can greatly vary. However, on the whole, summers are hot and sunny, and the winters are certainly not as cold and miserable as northern European countries. Working with a view of blue skies will have a great affect on your mood and undoubtedly have a positive impact on your work.

Affordable cost of living

Spain is not Europe’s cheapest country, but it is far from being the most expensive. Even with the high number of tourists Spain receives, prices are nowhere near the levels of Paris or London. According to the cost of living calculator Expatistan, both Spain’s capital Madrid and Barcelona are 31% cheaper than Paris, 42% cheaper than London and 26% cheaper than Amsterdam. If you move away from the main cities and move to other destinations like Seville (43%,52% and 39% cheaper respectively), Malaga (45%, 54% and 41%) or Tenerife (41%, 51%, 37%) costs will go down quite significantly, while your quality of life goes up exponentially.

Well connected

Spain has a great geographical location and is strategically well located for workers. If for any reason you need to travel, Spain’s high speed train network will get you across the county in no time, and with direct flights to almost anywhere in the world from the country’s main airports you’ll be where you need to be in no time.

The Spanish culture

Last but by no means least is the glorious Spanish culture, including its cuisine that Spaniards are so proud of. No matter where you are based in Spain, whether you decide to work from the islands or on the mainland, you will be in for a gastronomical treat, from paella made with fresh seafood, to the best tapas in the world. Eating in Spain is a true social event and the best way to get together with family and friends. 

If Spain sounds like the perfect telework destination for you, then you will need somewhere to live and set up your office. Look no further than idealista!

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