The Sagrada Familia, Barcelona: one of the world's most popular landmarks on social media

Barcelona's Sagrada Familia
Barcelona's Sagrada Familia
23 September 2021, Redaction

Travelling is one of the things that has been most affected by the pandemic, and also one of the things that everyone is looking forward to doing with some of normality as soon as possible. And now that travelling is largely possible again, with restrictions, we are dreaming of visiting some of the most popular monuments and landmarks in the world.

Did you even visit a place if you didn't post it on social media though? With this in mind, The Knowledge Academy, a globally established provider of training courses, has set out to discover the most popular landmarks and iconic places in the world on social media, combining the total number of shares on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest. The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona has made the list and is one of the world's most popular landmarks on social media. Let's find out more. 

Tulum in Mexico tops the list of the most popular historical sites on social media, with an incredible 1,584,562,637 hashtags, pins and posts. Located on Mexico's picturesque coastline, it's almost impossible not to share the idyllic white sand beaches and Mayan ruins of Tulum. Tulum also has the most shares on TikTok (1,576,600,000).

In second place, with more than 400 million shares on social media, is the iconic Eiffel Tower in Paris. Located on the beautiful Champ de Mars, the tower's figure has dominated social media for many years. This iconic French landmark has also earned the title of most shared place on Instagram (8,253,820) and Pinterest (312,675).

The Taj Mahal in India is in third place with 352,758,040 shares on social media. The beautiful mausoleum carved in white marble and its elegant lotus dome attracts more than 7 million tourists every year.

In fourth place is Machu Picchu in Peru, with more than 199 million interactions. The ruins of the citadel are located high in the Andes Mountains and overlook the majestic Urubamba River, making it a must-see tourist site.

Moving down to ninth place, we find Spain's Sagrada Familia which is located in Barcelona, with 40.7 million shares on social media. The Sagrada Familia is famous across the world as an iconic example of Antoni Gaudí's unique style, and after being started in 1882, construction still hasn't been completed to this day. 

Is Sagrada Familia worth visiting? The 40.7 million pictures on social media suggest that the Sagrada Familia is well worth a visit to experience Gaudí's architectural masterpiece first hand. And don't worry, cameras are allowed inside Sagrada Familia. Therefore, as well as the famous outside structure, you'll also be able to share your pics online of the Bacilica's stunning stained glass windows and intricate interior architecture. 

LandmarkLocationNumber social media shares
1. TulumMexico1.584.562.637
2. The Eiffel TowerFrance407.462.295
3. The Taj MahalIndia352.758.040
4. Machu PicchuPeru199.314.552
5. The Statue of LibertyUSA146.482.664
6. PompeiiItaly110.819.717
7. The Statue of UnityIndia87.927.944
8. Chichén ItzáMexico68.787.566
9. The Sagrada FamiliaSpain40.739.011
10. TeotihuacanMexico38.406.867
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