Manilva: a hidden gem with few tourists on the Costa del Sol

If you want somewhere peaceful to live or for a holiday, then Manilva is the perfect destination on the Costa del Sol, largely undiscovered by tourists.

Manilva, Malaga
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Situated on the second line of the beach is Manilva, one of the prettiest villages on the Malaga coast, and the most westerly of the province. It is on the border of the province of Cadiz and has a wide variety of beaches, from sandy beaches to rocky coves along 7.9 kilometres.

This charming village in Malaga still conserves many Muscatel vines in the surrounding area, which gives it a special charm. In addition, if you want to enjoy tourism, you can also visit places such as the tower of Chullera or the Castle of the Duchess, an 18th century fortress.

The coastline of Manilva has about 8 kilometres of coastline, where the tranquillity is particularly outstanding. Its coastline ranges from rocky coves to quiet, sandy beaches. Among its most outstanding beaches are those of La Chullera, El Negro, Las Arenas and Los Toros.

The municipality is made up of three nuclei, Manilva being the main inland town, with San Luis de Sabinillas on the coast, which is the most populated, and the fishing village of Castillo de la Duquesa. Between these is the marina of Manilva, another of those places worth visiting.

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