The most beautiful villages on the coast of Malaga

The best coastal towns in Andalusia and the Costa del Sol, from quiet beach towns near Malaga to breathtaking white villages.

The most beautiful towns near Málaga
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The province of Malaga has dozens of kilometres of coastline, one of its great tourist attractions. For all these reasons, there are many national and foreign tourists looking for the most beautiful villages in Malaga to enjoy its coastline during their holidays or getaways throughout the year. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of options to suit all tastes. We bring you the most beautiful villages on the Costa del Sol.



Marbella is, without a doubt, one of the main coastal towns in Malaga, being also the best known internationally for the luxury and exclusivity that is evident in different locations such as Puerto Banús, where you can find some of the most expensive and famous brands, golf courses, high-end vehicles..., a place that is worth visiting to contemplate the life of its streets as well as the yachts and the beauty of the surroundings.



When talking about beautiful villages in Malaga we cannot fail to mention Benalmadena, a place of reference for Spaniards and foreigners who want to enjoy their holidays on the Costa del Sol. This tourist town does not renounce its origins despite being a holiday destination for thousands of people every year.



Estepona is one of those beautiful villages in Malaga that you cannot forget to visit. With about 70,000 inhabitants, it is a perfect place to enjoy a wonderful summer holiday, a place where you can find a wide range of services at your disposal. The beaches are one of its main attractions, but it also has other places of great tourist interest such as its towers, its lighthouses and its castle.


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Situated on the second line of the beach is Manilva, one of the prettiest villages on the Malaga coast, and the most westerly of the province. It is on the border of the province of Cadiz and has a wide variety of beaches, from sandy beaches to rocky coves along 7.9 kilometres.



When talking about beautiful coastal towns in Malaga it is impossible not to mention Fuengirola, halfway between Torremolinos and Marbella. It is one of the most important tourist places in the whole province, reaching figures close to 250,000 inhabitants during the summer months.



Nerja is one of the most beautiful villages on the Costa del Sol, the setting for commercials, series and films. It became well known as a result of the TV series "Verano Azul". In fact, guided excursions are offered by Tito, one of the most mythical characters of the series, who accompanies visitors to places such as Chanquete's boat.



Torremolinos cannot be missing when talking about the most beautiful beach towns in Malaga, but beyond the charm of its town centre or its beaches, it is the ideal tourist place for all those who are party lovers. Torremolinos is the gay capital of the Costa del Sol both during the day and at night, a place where you can enjoy the best views.

Torre del Mar


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Situated in the municipality of Velez-Malaga, is Torre del Mar, which many place among the 20 most beautiful villages in Malaga. This is largely due to the fact that it boasts the largest beaches in the province in terms of width. However, its interest goes beyond these and it offers a great cultural wealth.


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Benajarafe is, for many, one of the most beautiful coastal villages in Malaga. Located in Velez-Malaga, in the heart of the Axarquia, you can enjoy one of the best climates on the continent, with sunny summers and calm sea that allows you to enjoy a great tranquility, as well as in the village itself, with just over 3,000 inhabitants.

Rincón de la Victoria


Rincón de la Victoria is considered one of the municipalities with the highest quality in the whole province of Málaga, throughout its 28.5 square kilometres. Located in the Axarquia region and integrated in the metropolitan area of the capital, it stands out especially for its beaches. It may not be the most beautiful village in Malaga, but it does have some of the best beaches on the coast of Malaga.



At the western end of the province is one of the most beautiful villages of the Malaga coast. In this case we are talking about Casares, the hometown of Blas Infante, considered the father of the Andalusian fatherland. The beauty of the place compensates enormously for having to make the effort to climb its steep streets. It has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site since 1978.


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Close to the coast, you can find beautiful villages such as Mijas, whose historic centre is framed by the walls of its ancient castle and the hermitage of the Virgen de la Peña. Its beauty has made it an ideal destination for both national and foreign tourists, who choose it as a holiday destination or to live there for a large part of the year.



Among the beautiful villages of the Costa del Sol we must also mention Frigiliana, located a few kilometres from Nerja and situated in the Axarquia region of Malaga. It is one of the white villages that do not leave indifferent all those who visit it for the first time. It is part of the Sierras de Tejeda, Alhama and Almijara Natural Park, and is one of the most charming municipalities in the province and in Spain.



Torrox is one of the beautiful villages of Malaga with beach that you must visit. It is located on the Eastern Costa del Sol, where the ochre tone of the church of La Encarnación stands out. In addition, you can see how the houses are integrated in an irregular orography, distributed in a staggered way with an incredible background with mountains and sea.


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The village of Algarrobo has two distinct parts, one on the coast and the other on the second line of the beach. It is a village situated just 3.5 kilometres from the Mediterranean. From the upper part of the village it is possible to see the blue of the sea and enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the area.


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In the district of Nerja is Maro, a municipality where you can enjoy nature to the maximum, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Paraje de los Acantilados de Maro-Cerro Gordo allows you to enjoy an almost virgin area of the coast of Malaga, where there is a large number of sea caves and cliffs.

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