Algarrobo: history, beaches and Mediterranean views close to Malaga

Algarrobo village and Algarrobo coast provide the perfect setting for a holiday on the Costa del Sol.

Algarrobo, Malaga
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The village of Algarrobo has two distinct parts, one on the coast and the other on the second line of the beach. It is a village situated just 3.5 kilometres from the Mediterranean. From the upper part of the village it is possible to see the blue of the sea and enjoy beautiful panoramic views of the area.

The main cultural attractions of Algarrobo are reduced to its watchtowers of Christian and Muslim origin, the Church of Santa Ana or the Hermitage of San Sebastian. Also worth a visit is the Necropolis of Trayamar, a complex of tombs of Phoenician and Punic-Roman origin, the most important in the Western Mediterranean.

Algarrobo Beach is located just 38 kilometres from the centre of the provincial capital of Malaga. It is striking for its mixture of gravel and dark sand, which, together with a charming but attractive promenade, has made it one of its main tourist attractions. It is an urban beach 800 metres long and 20 metres wide.

In Algarrobo you can enjoy a very rich and varied gastronomy, which is mainly based on local products such as its excellent fruit and vegetables, where you will find strawberries, tomatoes or muscatel grapes, as well as seafood such as sardines and poplars.

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