Casares: a picture postcard village on the Costa del Sol

The Andalusian village of Casares is one of Spain's famous "white towns" and is filled with beauty.

Casares, Malaga
31 August 2021, Redaction

At the western end of the province of Malaga is one of the most beautiful villages on the Malaga coast. In this case we are talking about Casares, the hometown of Blas Infante, considered the father of the Andalusian fatherland. The beauty of the place compensates enormously for having to make the effort to climb its steep streets. It has been declared a Historic-Artistic Site since 1978.

Among its main tourist attractions is the Moorish castle that crowns the town, halfway between the countryside of Gibraltar and the Costa del Sol. From the fortress you can appreciate the beauty of its natural surroundings. Within the enclosure is the 14th-century church of La Encarnación. The Casa Natal de Blas Infante, which can be visited, hosts temporary exhibitions by local artists.

As far as the beaches in Casares are concerned, all of them are watched over from a white lookout point from which the waters can be contemplated. Playa Ancha is the main beach, with calm waters and divided into three different sections, Playa Ancha itself, Playa Chica and Playa la Sal. It is 1.3 kilometres long and has an average width of 50 metres.

The gastronomy of Casares, for its part, reflects the flavour of the Costa del Sol, with traditional Spanish cuisine including fish, stews, soups, meat dishes and other seafood, which, together with a wide variety of international dishes available in dozens of restaurants, for all preferences.

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