5 lakes and lagoons you have to visit in Spain

Visit Covadonga in Asturias
Covadonga is just one of the incredible mountain lakes Spain has to offer / Pixabay
15 April 2021, Redaction

Known for its beautiful and varied landscapes, Spain is also home to some beautiful lakes that are well worth a visit when travel restrictions are lifted. Perfect for a day trip or a weekend break. The list of lakes in Spain is endless, and visiting these wonderful lakes and lagoons will give you a truly beautiful perspective on Spain, different from the usual sea and sand, as well as a fun day of hiking surrounded by nature.

If this sounds like your perfect plan, then take a look at these lakes and lagoons in Spain that you must visit without fail:

Lago de Sanabria

Panoramic view over Sanabria Lake
Panoramic view over Sanabria Lake / Wikimedia commons

In the province of Zamora and almost equidistant from the northern Spanish region of Galicia and Portugal, is Lago de Sanabria. This lake of glacial origin is one of the most beautiful inland natural landscapes in Spain and a place where you can simply disconnect from the stress of life by observing the calm of the water.

From the medieval village of Puebla de Sanabria to the lake is about 12 km. You can get close by car and, if you really like nature, plan a hiking route around the lake from there. You can also do water sports, take a boat trip and enjoy the beaches around the lake. Careful, though: even if the weather is nice, the water will still be cold!

Lagos de Covadonga

Covadonga Lakes
Covadonga Lakes / Wikimedia commons

The spectacular Lagos de Covadonga are formed of 3 lakes (Enol, Ercina and Bricial, the later of which is only visible during the melting season) located in the Asturian part of the Picos de Europa mountain range, also in the North of Spain. You may recognise them from the Vuelta a España bike race which travels through the area every year.

They are so beautiful that no matter what the weather or time of day, a visit is well worth it. On clear days you will see the mountains reflected in their waters and on cloudy days you will see that fog and rain are the perfect companions for this atmospheric environment.

We recommend you take the bus and see how the cows graze at an altitude of 1,000 metres (3000 feet) by the road, and while the journey can be a little frightening in places, you'll be amazed at the sight of those two big, blue ink spots in the middle of such a green canvas. Final tips: if you can, stay and watch the sunset from the lakes for a magical experience, and don't forget to stop in the small village of Covadonga on the way up or down in order to visit the stunning Sanactuary of Covadonga

Lago San Mauricio

The Catalonian mountains reflected in the lake
The Catalonian mountains reflected in the lake / Wikimedia commons

The Aigüestortes National Park in Lleida holds a natural wonder inside known as the lake of San Mauricio. This spectacular lake, which is surrounded by peaks 3,000 metres/10,000 feet high, provides tranquillity and silence while allowing you to breathe fresh and pure air. This sensational lake is beautiful at any time of the year but in winter it’s especially amazing to see it frozen over.

It takes an hour on foot from the Prat de Pierró car park where you can leave the car, but a little more if you go from Espot. We recommend the route that takes you along the incomparably beautiful road and the views surrounding the lake.

Laguna Rosa

The pink colour of this lagoon comes from the high salt content
The pink colour of this lagoon comes from the high salt content / Wikimedia commons

Near the town of Torrevieja in Alicante, on the Costa Blanca, there is a beautiful enclave called the ‘Mata and Torrevieja Lakes Nature Reserve’ and among its lagoons, the one that stands out the most for its chewing-gum colour, is the Laguna Rosa, the Pink Lagoon.

This curious pink colour is provided by a high concentration of salt, as the lagoon is next to some salt mines, and it delights all those passionate about photography because depending on the time of day, the feel of it changes from a lunar landscape to an oasis of peace.

If you're interested in unusual landscapes, you can’t afford not to visit the salt flats, especially if you go with children, who will marvel at the mountains of salt! Before you decide to take a dip, don't forget about the water's high salt concentration first. If you have any cuts or wounds on your skin, it might be best to give it a miss. It’s also very shallow and barely covers you, so you’ll have to lie down at ground level for a good soak.

Martel Lake

Martel Lake, inside a cave
Martel Lake, inside a cave / Wikimedia commons

The Lago Martel would be nothing without its surroundings, namely the impressive Caves of Drach in Mallorca, one of the most beautiful caves in the world. Martel Lake in the Balearic Islands is one of the largest underground lakes known and is named after French speleologist Édouard-Alfred Martel, who discovered it in 1896.

A visit to the Caves of Drach includes a classical music concert and a boat ride through the turquoise waters of Lake Martel. This concert has been held here since 1935 and lasts 10 minutes, consisting of a quartet (cello, harpsichord and two violins). Thanks to the acoustics of the cave, the sound of the concert is a truly unique phenomenon and worth witnessing at least once in your life.

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