The 5 best thermal baths and hot springs in Spain

Relax in a natural hot spring in Spain / mountainhome
Relax in a natural hot spring in Spain / mountainhome
2 November 2020, Tom Beck

The days are short, the skies are dark, the temperature is getting colder and winter is creeping up on us. After a challenging year, winter 2020 is a time for relaxation, and we have the perfect recipe to beat the blues with a visit to one of the best natural hot springs in Spain.

While you may not think of Spain as a cold country, it is a place with an incredibly varied landscape and chilly winters in places, while also having an excellent choice of natural mountain baths surrounded by snow and luxury spas at low prices. Let's have a look at where you can relax this winter, and don't forget that you will have to obey the relevant COVID-19 rules and restictions, such as maintaing a safe distance and wearing a mask, amongst others.

Outariz Thermal Station and As Burgas thermal pool, Ourense

Termas de Outariz / Turismo de Galicia
Termas de Outariz / Turismo de Galicia

Galicia is in Spain’s northwesternmost corner and is a beautiful region of lush green hillsides, rolling, rugged mountains and rough coastline. The province of Ourense in Galicia is, without a doubt, the area of Spain with the most natural mineral baths, and the best, famous for their unique healing properties. 

Of these, a visit to the "Termas de Outariz" and the spas at "Burgas de Canedo" are truly unmissable. Here you can find 3 hot water pools and one cold bath, each with revitalising minerals that are good for helping with rheumatism and arthritis.

Treat yourself and seize the opportunity to enjoy a few days of rest in a country house or holiday apartment in the area. 

Las Charcas Mud Baths (Lo Pagán), Murcia

Originating in the Mar Menor in the Mediterranean Sea, the Lo Pagán mud baths are known as one of the best open-air spas in Europe. Relax and take in the beautiful surroundings, all while enjoying a relaxing mud bath on the Costa Blanca.

The mud treatment is said to be especially effective for skin problems and provide an idyllic spot for maximum relaxation this winter 2020. 

Zújar Thermal Baths, Granada

The "Poza termal de Zújar" is a warm, natural pool which emerged after the water levels of the Negratín reservoir dropped a few years ago. It is a beautiful thirty-metre long pool with sulphurous, smoky, turquoise waters that flow from Mount Jabalcón.

Its waters are said to have curative qualities for skin diseases and are the perfect spot for relaxing and recharging after a challenging year. 

Arnedillo Hot Springs, La Rioja

Better known as a winemaking region than for its hot springs, La Rioja is however also the home of the ‘Pozas de Arnedillo’. These thermal waters provide a chance to sit back and relax, while also helping to cure and restore certain ailments with their special medicinal properties.

While you’re in the area, as well as visiting these spectacular hot springs, be sure not to miss out on the multitude of cultural and touristy sites that the town of Arnedillo has to offer, including beautiful churches, monasteries and hermitages tucked away in the picturesque mountains, there since the 16th and 17th centuries.

La Fontcalda, Tarragona

Joan Felip / Flickr/Creative commons
Joan Felip / Flickr/Creative commons

The province of Tarragona in the region of Catalonia is known for its beach resorts and sunny holiday destinations. However, the Fontcalda thermal baths, which are located in mountains in the Tortosa area, are also well worth a visit. The natural spring water comes straight from the Canaletes river and feeds the hot spa directly.

Thanks to the unique blend of chloride, calcium carbonate, magnesium sulphate and sodium chloride found in its waters, the baths in the area are said to offer countless medical benefits to bathers. And the best part of these beautiful baths is that they're completely free!

Now you’re familiar with some of the best hot springs and natural spas in Spain, it's time to plan your trip so you can enjoy a few well deserved days of maximum relaxation: don't forget your swimsuit and, of course, your mask!!

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