Visits to homes for sale or rent can be made from 11th May in Spain

Real estate agencies reopened their doors to clients with appointments on Monday 4th May and visits to properties are set to resume on 11th May.

The empty streets of Majorca / Gtres
The empty streets of Majorca / Gtres
7 May 2020, Redaction

From Monday 4th May, real estate agencies have been able to open their premises subject to prior appointment and give personalised attention to clients in Spain, as was established in phase 0 of the measures to lift the coronavirus confinement. However, visits to properties that are for sale or rent will be made from 11th May, that is, from the beginning of phase 1, which is when the possibility of social contact between people without previous history of the disease and who are not vulnerable will be assessed.

The Colegio Oficial (COAPI de MADRID) and the Asociación de Agencias y Agentes Inmobiliarios de Madrid, AIM (Association of Real Estate Agents and Agencies of Madrid) point out that, despite the fact that neither the Ministerial Order nor the De-escalation Plan specify anything about the real estate activity, "by analogy and common sense with other actions that may be carried out (visiting friends and family), from phase 1 (from 11th May) the possibility of social contact between people without any previous history of the disease and who are not vulnerable will become a possibility".

Therefore, these organisations emphasise that Monday 11th May will be the most likely date to start making visits to properties, as long as they are done with strict security measures to avoid infection, as well as sanctions, and that there are no decrees or orders that modify the current one in the next few days. Keep in mind, however, that nothing is set in stone

What security measures are appropriate?

The Health Order published on 3rd May describes all the hygiene and safety measures that businesses must follow in detail. These measures inlcude:

  • Sanitisation of the premises twice a day (including once at the end of the day)
  • Daily washing of uniforms
  • The impossibility of using the toilets except when absolutely necessary
  • The use of waste paper bins to control waste
  • The sanitisation of changing rooms after each use, if applicable
  • The provision of hand sanitiser gel for workers and customers
  • Monitoring of other relevant health and safety measures

Workers must not have symptoms of COVID-19, a positive diagnosis or be in quarantine. Preferential attention will also be given to those over 65 years of age in the time slots where they can go for walks or do sport.

Therefore, as soon as working activity is resumed, the organisations of COAPI/AIM will apply a protocol of action regarding visits to the properties when they occur, which will guarantee the necessary security to both agents and clients to avoid contagion. The organisation and indeed the government is asking everyone to exercise their own responsibility for the common good, the most important of which is, of course, health.

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