State Housing Plan in Spain: the Spanish Government extends aid until the end of 2022

State Housing Plan in Spain
23 December 2020, Redaction

A recent Parliament session in Spain has amended the 2018-2021 State Housing Plan in order to speed up  the process and increase its coverage to encourage renting and property renovation or refurbishment. State Housing aid in Spain will now extend until 31st December 2022, while the agreement with Spain's Autonomous Regions to expand the public housing stock is extended and the procedure for verifying ICO (Instituto de Credito Oficial) loans for paying rent is being regulated.

The Minister of Finance and Government Spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, explained that the aim is to "improve, speed up and provide greater coverage for the plan, which promotes renting and refurbishment as a priority".

The main change has been to extend the deadline for the granting of aid which currently in force until 31st December 2022. Among these aids is one which applies to the purchase of housing for those who under the age of 35 in municipalities with less than 5,000 inhabitants. Montero has clarified that this can also be applied to population centres with less than 5,000 inhabitants.

The measures also mean that the deadline for implementing the actions that Spain's Autonomous Communities are developing to promote public housing and urban regeneration and renewal are extended until the end of 2022.

In addition, the procedure for verifying ICO loans, the financial aid for tenants in a situation of social and economic vulnerability as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic approved last March, will be regulated.

Spain's anti-eviction decree will arrive in a few weeks

In another development, Parliament continues to postpone the approval of the a new anti-eviction decree in Spain which was moved forward by Vice-President Pablo Iglesias. In spite of this, the Minister of Transport, Mobility and the Urban Agenda, José Luis Ábalos, who is in charge of this issue in the government, has stated that "it will be ready before the end of the year".

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