Save money on your electricity bills this summer

Quick tips for spending less on your electricity bills this summer / Gratisphotography
Quick tips for spending less on your electricity bills this summer / Gratisphotography
1 August 2018, Redaction

The heat makes the thermometers go up, and our electricity bills too. In the next couple of months, we’ll be seeing the highest temperatures of the year, which will cause the electricity consumption of households all over Spain to skyrocket by more than 20%. That will mean a total expenditure of 2,200 million euro in Spanish households.

Coinciding with the heat wave threatening Spain this week, offers a series of quick tips and tricks to help you save a few euro on your leccy bills so you can spend it on a beer at the beach bar instead.

  • The first step to saving on your summer electricity bill is to choose the most suitable air-conditioning system, helping you to reduce electricity consumption at home by up to 60%.
  • Before buying this type of equipment, it is advisable to first analyse the air-conditioning needs of your house in order to choose the most suitable machine.
  • Think about where the most suitable place in the house for it is, allowing you to get the most out of the air conditioning unit.
  • Study the different models available: either compact (those that are usually coupled to the windows and have the condenser and air evaporator in a single structure) or split models (in which the condenser occupies a unit that must be placed outside the house and is connected to the evaporator, located inside).
  • Before getting carried away by the heat and going out and buying the first thing you find, be sure to look at the energy label first, which rates electrical appliances from A (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient).
  • If you can, go for the most efficient air-conditioning possible, as each grade is an additional 8% cost.
  • To keep the AC working at full capacity, install double-glazed windows and remember to maintain the appliance: dirty air filters force the unit to consume more energy.
  • Install awnings and seals doors and windows for added efficiency.
  • Make sure you open the windows and ventilate the house a bit when the air in the street is cooler.
  • Wear appropriate clothing to avoid overuse of air conditioning.
  • If you don’t really need to use the air conditioning, use a fan instead.
  • Finally, even if it seems obvious, protecting the home from heat can save up to 60% in energy consumption.
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