Europe's tech hubs: Madrid makes the list

Madrid is among the European regions with the highest number of technology jobs and employees.

Madrid is one of Europe's tech hubs
Madrid is one of Europe's tech hubs / Unsplash
14 July 2021, Redaction

Major cities remain Europe's most important centres of employment attraction, and between them they have become some of the continent's main technology hubs, with the largest number of technology-related workers. Let's have a closer look at Europe's tech hubs, featuring Madrid, Spain's main tech hub. 

Where is Europe's tech hub? London, and especially the area to the west, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire (11.9%), is Europe's largest tech hub. The English capital is followed by the Hungarian capital, Budapest (10.9%) and the Czech capital, Prague (10.3%). Budapest is home to TIER, the European leader in micro-mobility, while Prague is home to Avast, one of the world's largest cyber-security companies.

The Nordic capitals of Helsinki and Stockholm (both 9.7%) in Finland and Sweden, respectively, complete the podium. In many countries, the area around the capital is the area with the highest percentage of tech workers.

What about the technology sector in Spain? Madrid has a much higher proportion of technology jobs than other parts of Europe and Spain. The capital is continuously proving itself to be Spain’s business and financial hub, as well as the heart of banking, energy and construction in Spain. In recent years, this has also been the case when it comes to technology, with Spain quickly becoming Spain's tech centre with many big name businesses choosing Madrid as their tech base. Companies such as Amazon and Google have opened tech hubs in Madrid, while the city is known to be especially good for startups. 

Tech hubs in Europe
Tech hubs in Europe / Eurostat

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