The cheapest and most expensive cities in Spain to travel to this summer

The cheapest and most expensive cities in Spain
The cheapest and most expensive cities in Spain / Unsplash
7 July 2021, Redaction

The end of Spain's state of emergency has boosted bookings in hotels and tourist accommodation and there is a general upturn in prices in coastal areas. However, there are big differences between the cost of a week's holiday in different areas of Spain according to a recent study carried out by the price comparison site Rastreator. Let's have a closer look at the cheapest and most expensive cities in Spain to travel to this summer.

The cheapest Spanish cities to visit this summer

According to the study, Las Palmas, Seville and Santa Cruz de Tenerife are the 3 cheapest cities in Spain for a week's holiday this summer. Specifically, Las Palmas is 28% cheaper than the national average (862 euros), followed by Tenerife, 25% cheaper (900 euros), and Seville, at 15% cheaper (1,017 euros).

The most expensive Spanish cities to visit this summer

On the other hand, Cadiz, Palma de Mallorca and Barcelona are the most expensive cities in Spain, between 11% and 24% above the average of 1,202 euros. The study highlights that prices have increased considerably in these areas compared to previous years, with higher prices featuring especially in the areas of car hire and hotels.

The cheapest hotels in Spain

The Rastreator study has taken into account a range of variables such as a week's stay in a 3-star hotel in the city centre, the average price of a hire car with pick-up at the airport, train station and city during the week of stay, the average price of a litre of petrol, dinner for 2 in a central restaurant and a beer and coffee in a central bar. Las Palmas is the cheapest place to stay in Spain with an average cost of 346 euros, which means a price of around 57 euros per night, followed by Seville, with an average cost per night of 58 euros, Madrid (67 euros/night) and Valencia (71 euros/night).

The cheapest car hire in Spain

On the other hand, Tenerife (167 euros), Las Palmas (241 euros) and Alicante (312 euros) are the destinations with the cheapest car hire in Spain, while Madrid (588 euros), Cadiz (544 euros) and Valencia (504 euros) are the most expensive.

The cheapest place to eat out in Spain

In terms of dining and leisure, Cádiz stands out as having the cheapest prices in Spain, as dinner in a central neighbourhood with another person in Cádiz will cost an average of 24 euros, 16% below the average. Likewise, having a beer (2.17 euros) and a coffee (1.62 euros) in the city centre will also be cheaper than in the other destinations analysed, at 39% below the average.

The pandemic has led to an increase in travel insurance policies

According to the Rastreator study, interest in taking out travel insurance has increased notably as a result of the pandemic, as more than 30% of residents in Spain now consider it essential to travel with some sort of travel insurance policy. Of this 30%, more than half (57%) decide to take out cancellation and health insurance.

In Spain, this type of insurance with cancellation and medical assistance can cost as little as 30 euros, while in Europe the average price is slightly higher, 47 euros, with coverage applicable to the entire European Union.

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