Old windmill in Spain is converted into luxury residence

This traditional windmill property in Majorca is now a beautiful home
This traditional windmill property in Majorca is now a beautiful home
5 December 2018, Redaction

Have you ever dreamed of owning a historical property in Spain? The Spanish peninsula and islands are full of rustic farmhouses, ancient castles and other existing properties in need of renovation. If you’re in the market for a property for sale to renovate in Spain, why not consider an alternative type of historic house.

Here is an excellent specimen of a Spanish property type that is sure to make your dreams come true. This windmill on the island of Majorca really is a different kind of place to live that is traditionally Spanish. It’s sure to have you charging at windmills like Don Quixote in the story, but with a mind to buy instead of attack!

The cosy mill is over 100 years old, but has been totally restored and renovated and is fit to live in. With just a little starting capital and a whole heap of ingenuity and imagination, it’s easy to convert a listed building like this one into an inviting luxury home in the sun.

The property has a constructed surface area of 585 metres squared, which is 6,300 square feet, distributed across two separate buildings: the main house and the guest house. The main house has magnificent views over the whole area of Santa Eugenia, Mallorca, and has a living room, dining room, kitchen, three double bedrooms, one with an en suite bathroom, another bathroom and an office area.

All this stands on a huge plot of land about 3,300 m2 (36,000 sq ft) converted into a designer garden with swimming pool and a large, manmade pond and was recently sold on idealista for 1.95 million euro. It just goes to show that there’s a market for every dream house out there, and if you’re prepared to do a little DIY, get your hands dirty and do up a traditional, historical building in Spain, you could be living in a windmill in the Balearic Islands too!

Don Quixote-style interior
Windmill from the outside
Beautiful, landscape garden
Fully-fitted bathroom
Country-style kitchen
Deluxe bedroom
Second bedroom
Spacious property
Mallorcan countryside
The dog doesn't come with the house
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