1,500 euro fine for those breaking lockdown rules and travelling to their second homes in Spain

Further guidance has been given to Spanish security forces in order to make the issuance of infringement warnings more consistent.

Fines will be given to those who break confinement / Gtres
Fines will be given to those who break confinement / Gtres
22 April 2020, Redaction

The Ministry of the Interior in Spain has issued a guide for state security forces in a bid to standardise criteria when giving out fines for breaching the confinement decreed in the state of alarm for the coronavirus. One of the most notable is the sanction for unauthorised travel to a second home, fines which amount to 1,500 euros.

Breaches of the state of confinement in Spain are generating some controversy, mainly in the way the state security forces, such as local police, should act. For this reason, the Spanish Ministry of the Interior has issued a guide for the Policía Nacional (National Police force), the Guardia Civil (Civil Guard) and for regional police forces to act in the same way and make the issuing of fines more consistent.

Any unauthorised movement will be subject to a penalty of at least 601 euros, the minimum amount stipulated in Article 36.6 of the Public Safety Act. From this point onwards, if there is a repeat offence or if contempt is expressed towards a police officer, the fine will be increased to 2,000 euros and in the case of intimidation, the fine will be further increased to 3,000 euros. The highest penalty, for violence or threats that do not constitute a criminal offence, will be up to 10,400 euros.

Among the most common offences referred to by the authorities is that of unauthorised movement to a second residence or holiday home, for which a fine of 1,500 euros will be issued. In addition, carrying minors, the elderly or those in a vulnerable situation in a vehicle without proper justification will also incur a fine of 1,500 euros. The same penalty will be for unauthorised journeys "with company".

The most serious fine, as well as applying to violence or threats towards police officers, also can be issued for the organisation or participation in communal activities, such as celebrations, with a proposed penalty of 10,400 euros if it is considered to be of high risk.

Article seen at: 1.500 euros por viajar a la segunda residencia y otras 11 sanciones por saltarse el confinamiento (El País)

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