idealista launches a new free service for creating and signing online rental contracts

Create your rental contract in Spain with idealista
Create your rental contract in Spain with idealista
14 January 2021, Redaction

The leading real estate marketplace in Spain, idealista, has launched a new service that allows the creation and remote signing of rental contracts for real estate agencies, landlords and tenants. The service is easy to use and is free of charge.

The contract that you can make with idealista is a housing rental contract in accordance with the current LAU (Urban Rental Law) and whose main advantages are being able to get the signature of the landlord and tenant without the need to travel or obtain an electronic ID card, since an online signature from a distance is sufficient. idealista's rental contract service also includes protection against recurring defaulters who fail to pay rent.

What are the advantages of idealista's new rental contract service?

With idealista's rental contract service, a contract or rental agreement can be signed online (without the need for an electronic ID card) so that there is no need to move or leave home to sign a contract. 

The signing of the contract is carried out online securely by a trusted third party provider specialising in advanced electronic signatures. The contract will be signed by means of a secure and legal electronic signature, which allows the signatories to be identified, as well as displaying the date of signature by each party. Without the need to install any additional application, rental contracts can be signed from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

In less than three minutes, a landlord can create their own rental contract, with simple concepts which is very easy to complete online. Landlords may include a clause against recurring defaulters, so that in the event of non-payment and if no agreement is reached, the tenant can be included in a Defaulting Tenants Database. In addition, all documents will be kept in the same place. In summary, these are the main advantages of using idealista to make your rental contracts:

  • Everything is online
  • Contracts require a digital signature without the need for an electronic ID card
  • Free of charge
  • All legal
  • Simple and fast

Who is the idealista rental contract service aimed at?

The tool for creating and signing rental contracts remotely is available both to private landlords and tenants, as well as to real estate agencies, interested in renting a home in Spain via idealista. It has no cost for users, tenants or property owners.

Recommendations from idealista

This new feature does not involve advice or intermediation, and idealista does not provide legal advice to any of the parties and will remain outside the contractual relationship between owners and tenants.

We always recommend checking all information, both from potential tenants and owners, before signing the contract. We provide clauses written according to current law with simple vocabulary that will be established by the parties according to the agreement reached between them. 

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