Properties with swimming pools for sale in Spain are more expensive

Buying an apartment with a swimming pool in Spain is on average 37% more expensive, but there is a big contrast between the big capitals.

Properties with pool in Spain
Properties with pool in Spain
26 August 2021, Redaction

Buying a property with a swimming pool in Spain is 36.7% more expensive on average than buying a property without one. This is according to a study carried out by idealista. Andalusia (64.4%), the Valencia Region (54.4%) and the Canary Islands (52%) show the greatest price differences between properties with and without a pool. By city, there is also a great contrast between the price of homes with a swimming pool and those without: in Barcelona they cost 58.8% more, while in Madrid this percentage is reduced to 6.8%. It is important to note that 19.6% of the properties for sale in Spain on idealista have a swimming pool, and while it is possible to by cheap property with a pool in Spain, generally these properties are more expensive. We have all the details. 

Properties in Spain with swimming pool by region

Andalusia is the region with the greatest difference between prices when it comes to properties for sale with a swimming pool and those without, as their price is 64.4% higher. It is followed by the price differences in region of Valencia (54.4% more expensive), the Canary Islands (52%), Extremadura (51.2%), Asturias (42.4%) and Aragon (40%). In the Community of Madrid, on the other hand, the difference between prices for flats with and without a swimming pool is reduced to 3%, followed by Cantabria (16.6%) and Navarre (17.7%). 

The study also states that 19.6% of the properties for sale on the idealista portal have a swimming pool. Andalusia, including the Costa del Sol, is also the region with the highest percentage of homes on the market with a swimming pool (31.7%), followed by the Canary Islands (29.2%) and the Balearic Islands (28.6%). Below them are the regions of Valencia (27.5%), La Rioja (22.3%) and Madrid (21.5%). In contrast, the Basque Country (1.5%), Navarre (2%), Asturias (2.6%) and Galicia (4.3%) are the regions where properties with swimming pools are least frequent, likely due to the cooler climate. 

Properties in Spain with swimming pool by city 

The price differences between homes with and without swimming pools also vary by capital city. The greatest difference is found in the city of Lleida, where prices vary by 62.5%. It is followed by Burgos (60.3%) and Barcelona (58.8%). 

The figure for the city of Barcelona is striking when contrasted with Madrid, since, with a price increase of 6.8%, it is the capital with the smallest price difference. This disparate behaviour between the two cities can be explained by the capacity that Madrid has had in recent years to create new urban developments with communal areas, as opposed to the geographical limitation that Barcelona has had to create new projects and its proximity to the beach.  

Madrid is followed by the city of Guadalajara, where flats with swimming pools are only 7% more expensive, followed by San Sebastian (7.2%), Murcia (8.2%), and Seville (13.3%).  

The capital city that currently has the most properties for sale with swimming pools is Alicante, as 24.7% of all those listed have one. It is followed by Logroño (20.1%), Ciudad Real (19.1%), Ávila (18.4%), Palma (18.1%) and Madrid (16.1%). In Barcelona, the offer accounts for 5.3% of the flats that have it. 

Vitoria is the city with the lowest percentage of flats for sale with a swimming pool, with only 0.1%. It is followed by Cádiz and Bilbao (0.4% in both cases), Ourense and Soria (0.6% in both cities).


For the preparation of this study, idealista has analysed the price of all flats and apartments for sale in Spain, excluding villas. 

Properties with swimming pools for sale in Spain

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