Buying or selling property in Spain as a foreigner: the importance of using a real estate agent

Now more than ever, with travel restrictions and uncertainty in the market, trusting a real estate agent to buy or sell property in Spain is extremely important.

Why should you use a real estate agency in Spain?
Why should you use a real estate agency in Spain? / Photo by Tierra Mallorca on Unsplash
30 March 2021, Emma Donaldson

Whether you're dreaming of buying a villa on the Costa del Sol, a sleek city apartment or escaping to the Spanish countryside, finding the right property in Spain is sure to be at the top of your priority list. While many people who are planning to move to Spain opt not to seek the assistance of a real estate agent due to extra costs, it is highly recommended, and in the long run could save you both time and money. So, if you're planning on buying or selling property in Spain as a foreigner, it's time to find out the importance of using a real estate agent.

Why should you use a real estate agency in Spain?

Whether you already live in Spain or are planning to move to Spain, and whether you're buying or selling property, there is a long list of advantages as to why you should use a real estate agency. Especially if you're not from Spain and aren't familiar with how the real estate market works, a real estate agent can help you avoid a buying or selling nightmare to begin with. 

Seeking the help of an estate agent in Spain will give you a fully personalised experience of buying or selling property, and being able to speak directly to real estate experts will give you complete peace of mind, as well as helping you avoid the most common pitfalls when buying or selling property in Spain.

There are a wide range of agencies that specialise in working with expats and foreign clients, and as a result, many agencies offer their services in various languages, particularly common in Spain's coastal regions. And as each case is different, an estate agent will be able to give you their expert advice on your particular situation, as well as help you through the whole process of the sale, from visits to paperwork and closing the deal. 

How do estate agents in Spain work?

Estate agents in Spain aren't just designed to help you find the right property, but in most cases should guide you through the whole process of either buying or selling a property in Spain. If you are selling a property in Spain, a good real estate agency, amongst other things, should take care of:

  • the marketing and advertising of your property (on websites such as idealista, on social networks, in brochures, etc.)
  • answering messages, e-mails, calls, offers from future buyers
  • market expertise in Spain
  • negotiations with the buyer
  • giving you legal advice
  • visits to the property from potential buyers.

If you are buying a property in Spain, a good real estate agency will:

  • demonstrate real experience and knowledge of the local property market
  • reply to your enquiries in a quick and professional way
  • help you as a buyer to understand what the local real estate market in the area you're searching for property in Spain has to offer
  • realistically let you know what you can expect to buy with your requirements and budget, and help you find the house of your dreams
  • help you with the legal and paperwork side of things, especially for expats.

How to find a good real estate agent in Spain?

The first challenge of buying or selling property in Spain is finding the right real estate agent to guide you through the process. There are many things to look for in a good estate agent and idealista has lists of certified estate agents of the highest quality in every region of Spain, to make your search even easier.

Check out our list of agencies in some of the most popular regions for expats to buy or rent in Spain, such as Malaga, including the Costa del Sol, Murcia, the Balearic Islands and Alicante, or if you are planning to sell a property in Spain, we'll help you find the most suitable real estate agencies to sell your property with our agency search tool

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