How a real estate agency can avoid the buying and selling nightmare

19 September 2019, Redaction

Buying the house of your dreams or selling your property is possibly one of the most important financial ventures of your life. At the moment there are several problems that arise not only because of lack of experience, but also because there are bureaucratic and sometimes complex processes. Searching and selling a house implies a lot of time and a certain amount of knowledge.

When selling or buying a property, it is common to seek answers from family and friends. However, each case is unique and the expected help may not be obtained. If you don't want to turn this process into a nightmare, you can always choose to use the help of a real estate agent which can have many advantages both in buying and selling.

The Portuguese firm Doutor Finanças offers the following tips:

Advantages in the property buying process

Buying a house is a large and long-term investment, so the choice must be made correctly. Therefore, you must be well informed to ensure a safe and effective business deal. In order to do this, you can approach the real estate agency that gives you the most confidence:

  1. Professional advice. In the real estate market there is a lot on offer, so it can take a while to search, find and visit several properties until you find your "home sweet home". The best solution may be to go to a real estate agency that has professional consultants who know the market, analyse your requests and investigate the best options. This will give you access not only to properties available on real estate platforms, but also to exclusive properties that only real estate agents can present.
  2. It allows you to save time (and time is money!). With professional advice, you can save a lot of time and find a home that you would barely find alone, because they will search (exhaustively) for homes that solely fit your profile.
  3. Transparency and security. In addition to knowledge and time, in the process of buying a house, it is essential to thoroughly analyse the documentation of the property and its owners. For this, the agent will ensure that there is no situation that jeopardises a secure sale, such as analysing whether the property is seized or carries high debts.

Advantages in the property selling process 

The process of selling a house can be quite complex, with various functional, administrative, legal and financial difficulties, both at the beginning of the process and after the sale. To avoid surprises, you can seek the expert help of a real estate agent, which has several advantages, such as:

  1. Property assesment. “Why should I sell my house?” This will be the first question you ask yourself when you decide to sell it. A crucial question, but one that isn't always easy to answer without the help of a professional. Of course, you can study the market in the area where the house is located yourself and make an estimate of how much it could be worth. However, it will never be the same as the assessment made by an agent who has knowledge about the market and is fully competent to determine a fair value for your property.
  2. Professional help. When you choose to sell a house through a real estate agency, you can count on the specialised help of a professional who will know the context of the market, how to evaluate the geographical area where the property is located and prices of the area. Also, most importantly, this professional will know how to sell the property efficiently, since they know the best selling techniques, as well as the discussion to have with the potential buyer. They will know how to take advantage of the strengths of your home and justify any question the potential buyer has. This professional will focus exclusively on the sales process, looking for buyers, spreading the house and speeding up paperwork.
  3. Process security. Selling a property is a bureaucratic process that requires property and owner's documentation be legally in order. Failing simply one document will prevent the sale of the property. This reiterates the importance of the real estate agent that analyses whether everything is regulated. If not, they have the knowledge to be able to examine and suggest steps to make sure everything is in order and allow the sale.
  4. Total availability to carry out visits. From the moment the house is put up for sale, it is crucial to be available to answer the phone and schedule visits. This may not be easy to reconcile with personal and professional life. But with the help of a professional who already has a service plan, you can avoid losing any sales opportunity.
  5. Strong promotion. Nowadays, online platforms are the most powerful real estate advertising channels. In addition to the house being present on the real estate agency website, it will also ensure that it is present on the main real estate platforms, such as idealista. 
  6. Completion of the process and post-sale. The process does not end once the sale is made. The real estate agent will also be present to deal with any unforeseen problems that may arise after the sale, either with the property itself or with the documentation. Of course, you have to pay the corresponding commission.
Ready to find the house of your dreams?

Ready to find the house of your dreams?

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