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Where are the most expensive houses in Spain?

The 10 most expensive streets in Spain 2021

The most exclusive and most expensive street in Spain for buying a property is on the island of Mallorca. It is Calle Sant Carles, in the municipality of Calvià, where the owners are asking for an average of 7,043,750 euros from anyone who wants to buy one of its luxurious homes.
Houses for sale in Spain with price reductions

Reduced cheap homes for sale in Spain

Finding the best bargains and getting the best possible price for a house is what everyone wants when searching for property in Spain. Cheap homes in Spain can be found and there are some great discounts to be had, but you'll have to be fast as they don't tend to be around for long! 
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How much does a prefab house cost in Spain?

Prefabricated homes, factory-built houses, modular homes… the vocabulary surrounding this type of construction is very broad and increasing all the time due to the ever greater role they are playing in the real estate market across the world. This type of property is also increasingly popular in Spa
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Ready to find the house of your dreams?

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