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The best Spanish properties for sale by the sea

Cheap Spanish property near the beach

Many people dream of living close to the beach, and Spain is a country with some wonderful coastal properties for sale to suit all tastes and budgets. Living by the beach certainly doesn't have to break the bank, as Spain is home to some of the cheapest beachfront property in Europe.
Duna Model / Atlántida Homes

How much does a prefab house cost in Spain?

Prefabricated homes, factory-built houses, modular homes… the vocabulary surrounding this type of construction is very broad and increasing all the time due to the ever greater role they are playing in the real estate market across the world. This type of property is also increasingly popular in Spa
Buying property in Spain 2021

6 reasons to buy property in Spain in 2021

After several months of pandemic, the real estate sector in Spain is gradually recovering its activity, something which has been revealed by the Real Estate Activity Register Index (IRAI) of the Association of Registrars, which shows how during the third quarter of 2020 the indicators related to pro
Try before you buy with a rent-to-own property

Rent to buy properties in Spain

The main disadvantage of renting a house or flat for many people is the fact you pay your rent every month but in the end, you’re left with nothing to call your own, something many people see as a terrible waste of money. For this reason, many people prefer to buy property.
Ready to find the house of your dreams?

Ready to find the house of your dreams?

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