Sharing a flat in Spain es 2.9% more expensive than a year ago and the offer shoots up

18 September 2019, Redaction

The cost of renting a bedroom in a shared flat in Spain has increased by 2.9% in the last year, positioning itself in 340 euros a month on average, according to a study published by idealista. The offer for bedrooms, in turn, has shot up by 26.9% at the same time.

In the city of Barcelona, where the price of renting a whole property has increased by 3% interannually, the renting of bedrooms has increased by 2.9%, while in Madrid the increase has been 3.1% and whole properties have increased by 3.6% interannually.

The greatest price increase has been recorded in Pamplona (15.8%), followed by Almería (13.3%), Alicante (12%) and Logroño (10.3%). The price has reduced in six capitals, with Cadíz seeing the largest drop (-6.1%) while in Ciudad Real it has reduced by 4.7% and by 2.5% in Burgos.

Barcelona is the city with the most expensive bedrooms in the country, 442 euros monthly are requested to rent them. Followed by San Sebastián (425 euros monthly), Palma (417 euros) and Madrid (415 euros). Ciudad Real is, in turn, the most affordable city between those analysed by idealista (156 euros monthly), followed by Cáceres (164 euros), Badajoz (169) and Jaén (185 euros).

The profile of those who share flats

People who share flats in Spain have a similar profile to those of last year, although the average age has dropped to 30 years old. They live in the centre of the biggest cities, they don’t smoke, nor do they permit smoking in the property and they don’t accept pets.

In most shared flats men and women (71%) live together, while 24.9% only have female inhabitants and 4.1% only have male housemates.

The average age of the inhabitants of shared flats vary depending on their geographic area. In the cities where rental prices have increased more in recent years it is easier for the average to exceed 30 years old, such is the case in Palma, Vitoria (34 years old in both cases), Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (33 years old), Santa Cruz de Tenerife (33 years old), San Sebastián, Cádiz, Alicante, Santander o Lleida (32 years old in all 5 cases). In Barcelona the average age of those who share a flat es 31 years old, while in Madrid it drops to 29 years old.

On the other hand, in other markets with more relaxed rental markets, the average age of those who rent a bedroom is lower. Jaén, Córdoba and Salamanca they have the lowest age (26), followed by Ciudad Real, Segovia, Granada and Valencia (27 years old in all four cases).

Warm areas for the offers

More than half of the offers for shared flats are distributed amongst the cities of Madrid and Barcelona, they amount to 34.1% and 19.2% of all the bedrooms which are listed in Spain. They are followed by Valencia with 9.2% of the listings, Seville (5.6%) and Granada (3.5%).

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