The 10 most expensive streets in Spain 2021

The most expensive street in Spain to buy a house in 2021 is found in Mallorca.

Where are the most expensive houses in Spain?
Where are the most expensive houses in Spain?
20 September 2021, Redaction

The most exclusive and most expensive street in Spain for buying a property is on the island of Mallorca. It is Calle Sant Carles, in the municipality of Calvià, where the owners are asking for an average of 7,043,750 euros from anyone who wants to buy one of its luxurious homes. This is according to a study by idealista, Spain's leading real estate marketplace. Let's have a closer look at the 10 most expensive streets in Spain in 2021

The silver medal in this exclusive ranking and therefore the second most expensive street in Spain covers an entire development located in the Malaga town of Benahavís: Urbanización Coto de La Zagaleta. This exclusive residential area of the Costa del Sol comes close to the top spot as it has an average price of 7,042,462 euros, a higher price than its neighbour, Calle Mozart, in Marbella, which is in third place with average prices of 5,932,489 euros. Calle Mozart took the crown as Spain's most expensive street in 2020

Next on the list is the Urbanización Cascada de Camoján residential area, also in Marbella, whose owners are asking an average of 5,444,000 euros for their exclusive homes. It is followed by two representatives in the Community of Madrid: Paseo de los Lagos in Pozuelo de Alarcón, better known as "La Finca", with average prices of 5,248,039 euros and Paseo del Conde de los Gaitanes, in La Moraleja, at 4,972,656 euros.

Completing the ranking, with average prices all above 4.5 million euros, are Calle Cañete, in Marbella, where average luxury villa asking prices are 4,883,602 euros, Calle del Camino Ancho, in La Moraleja, where those who want to buy one of its luxury villas will pay 4,751,654 euros, the Sierra Blanca estate, in Marbella, with an average of 4,625,158 euros and, lastly, Vía Cornisa in Calvià with an average price of 4,608,732 euros.

The 10 most expensive streets in Spain 2021

ProvinceMunicipalityStreetAverage price (euros)
Balearic IslandsCalvià (Mallorca)Calle Sant Carles7,043,750
MálagaBenahavísUrbanización Coto Zagaleta7,042,462
MálagaMarbellaCalle Mozart5,932,489
MálagaMarbellaUrbanización Cascada de Camoján5,444,000
MadridPozuelo de AlarcónPaseo de los Lagos5,248,039
MadridLa MoralejaPaseo del Conde de los Gaitanes4,972,656
MálagaMarbellaCalle Cañete4,883,601
MadridLa MoralejaCalle del Camino Ancho4,751,653
MálagaMarbellaUrbanización Sierra Blanca4,625,157
Balearic IslandsCalvià (Mallorca)Vía Cornisa4,608,732

The most expensive street in each Spanish Autonomous Community

The study carried out by idealista is completed with the most exclusive streets in each of Spain's 17 autonomous communities. In addition to the regions with streets in the top 10 positions, 5 other regions have addresses with an average price of over 1 million euros: Catalonia (4,194,667 euros), Valencia (3,080,409 euros), the Canary Islands (2,810,231 euros), the Basque Country (1,474,200 euros) and Cantabria (1,321,333 euros).

The cheapest region in Spain is Castilla-La Mancha, where its most expensive street has an average price of 318,528 euros, followed by Extremadura (353,168 euros) and Navarra (467,813 euros). If you want to check the price of properties on any street in Spain, click here


In order to prepare this study, idealista has studied the average absolute price of all types of properties (flats, studios, penthouses, chalets...) listed in the same street. To avoid distortions in the data, only those streets with a minimum of 10 property listings have been taken into account. Therefore, the study only shows the average prices of the streets, which does not mean that these are the most expensive properties for sale in each market.

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