Flats in Spain with a swimming pool are 46% more expensive than those without

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14 September 2020, Redaction

Buying a flat with a swimming pool is an attractive option for anyone moving to Spain, espcially for the hot summers or if you have kids. However, having a place to cool off on your doorstep if you buy a flat in Spain is, on average, 46.2% more expensive than buying a flat without a pool. This is according to a study published by idealista, which also stated that only 20.4% of the homes for sale advertised in Spain on the real estate platform have a swimming pool. Note that for this idealista study, the absolute price of all flats for sale in Spain have ben analysed, excluding villas. 

Andalusia is the region where the difference in price between homes sold with a swimming pool and those without is greater, as their price is 83.9% higher. This southern region is followed by Extremadura (65.3% more expensive), Aragon (61.2%), the Balearic Islands (52.6%) and the Valencian region (46.5%). In Cantabria, on the other hand, the difference between one and the other is reduced to 6.2%, followed by Murcia (11.5%) and the Community of Madrid (13%). In those markets where the percentage of homes with a swimming pool does not reach 5%, the price differences have not been analysed.

Andalusia is also where a higher percentage of homes on the market have a swimming pool (32.1%), followed by the Balearic Islands (31.2%). With the percentage of homes available with a swimming pool below 30%: Madrid (27%), the Valencian Community (26.1%), the Canary Islands (25.3%) and La Rioja (22.7%). In contrast, Navarre (1.9%), the Basque Country (2.7%), Asturias (3.6%) and Galicia (4.3%) are the regions where homes with swimming pools are less common.

The price differences between homes with and without a swimming pool also varies depending on the city. The greatest difference is found in the city of Lleida, where prices vary by 113%. It is followed by Barcelona (112.3%) and Tarragona (80.7%).

The great difference between the city of Barcelona and Madrid is also striking (15.9%). This behaviour, so different from one city to another, is explained by the capacity that Madrid has had in recent years to create new urban developments with common areas, as opposed to the geographical limitation that Barcelona has to create new projects, as well as its proximity to the beach.

In contrast, in Salamanca, flats with swimming pools are only 7.2% more expensive, followed by Murcia (10.4%), Guadalajara (14.5%) and Granada (17.7%). As was the case with Spain's Autonomous Regions, in markets with less than 5% of homes with a swimming pool for sale, it has not been possible to obtain the price differences.

Spanish cities with the most swimming pools

In Spain, 20.4% of all flats for sale on idealista have a swimming pool. The capital where most properties have this facility is Alicante, as 31.6% of all those advertised have one, followed by Ciudad Real (25.3%), Logroño (24.4%), Ávila (21.7%), Palma (20.7%) and Madrid (19%). In Barcelona, 6% of flats have a swimming pool.

The north of the country concentrates the cities with the fewest flats with a swimming pool on the market. In Vitoria, only 0.1% of those advertised have one, compared with 0.6% in Ourense, 0.8% in León and Palencia, 0.9% in Pamplona and 1.1% in Pontevedra and Soria.

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