Galicia’s Bean Festival 2019 – it’s good for the heart

Festa da Faba in Lourenzá, Lugo / PIXNIO
Festa da Faba in Lourenzá, Lugo / PIXNIO
23 September 2018, Redaction

The Festa da Faba

In the Lourenzá valley, they grow different varieties of beans, each of them have an exceptional quality. The cultivation techniques play a very important role in their development, as do the characteristics of the soil and the amount of rainfall.

In honour of this product, the Bean Festival (Festa da Faba in the Galician language) has been held in the town since 1990. It is a popular festival in Galicia where producers, traders and consumers gather to enjoy the event.

Gastronomic sampling is part of the festival programme, along with other cultural and leisure activities like competitions, dances and children's attractions.

History comes to life in Lourenzá

Lourenzá is a very authentic Spanish town. Its past is present in its emblematic buildings, the traditional practice of fishing continues in its rivers and the natural, beautiful landscapes.

Vilanova de Lourenzá is located in the region of Mariña Central, in a spectacular valley to the north of Lugo. Many walkers and pilgrims pass through here on their route along the Camino de Santiago (The Way of St. James).

This town has a very important historical background. The Monastery of San Salvador was declared an Asset of Cultural Interest in 1994. Its founder was Count Osorio Gutiérrez and over time this baroque building has changed to be the current setting of the Town Hall.

There is also the fortress of Tovar, which dates back to the 12th century. It consists of two square towers with battlements and several pavilions. Visitors can walk through the Tovar Castle which still retains its fortress intact as well as the Museum of Sacred Art, another great cultural building in Lourenzá.

Where have you bean all my life?

The Festa da Faba originated in 1990 with the aim of promoting the consumption of this legume. Originally, the celebration consisted of a bean competition like any traditional vegetable contest, but over time they decided to increase the programme with other events.

It takes place the first weekend of October and thousands of visitors enjoy the events for food lovers and various activities including music, exhibitions and plays. The Xunta de Galicia (local government) declared this festival to be of Galician Tourist Interest for its clear objective: to promote this quality product with broad future perspectives.

In this way, the fabeiros bean growers, as well as the merchants, the hotel and restaurant owners, are supported so that the humble faba bean continues to be the main delicatessent product of Lourenzá. At the same time, the Fiesta de la Haba, as it is known in Spanish, serves as a pretext to get to know the valley and the cultural heritage of where the beans are grown.

Last but not least, at the same time as this celebration, an important photography competition is held in which dozens of artists participate. For approximately two weeks you can see all the works in the Cloister of the Monastery of San Salvador.

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