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"Caught in the act":'s new advertising campaign

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Watch the video directly on vimeo sees the launch of its new advertising campaign which being showing on the main national and regional television stations during june and july. The campaign aims to enhance’s leadership position, currently the top real estate portal in spain and to encourage the younger sector of the population to use idealista to find a home

According to  Fernando Encinar, communication manager, “the idea arose internally when we were discussing what we wanted the next campaign to be like. We were looking for a way to disseminate our brand and what we do (to all those who as yet do not know us) and we wanted to forget a link with one of those times when people think, “i need my own home”. In a brainstorming process the situation of “when you are having sex in the car” suddenly appeared on the table. I loved the concept because it is a situation that millions of spaniards have gone through, and when i bounced the idea off some people, they admitted that at that moment we usually think: “if i had my own home…” although another typical thought at that particular moment is “ i’m going to get caught”. We liked both ideas and we spent quite a while thinking about how to merge them and create an innovative spot that leaves no-one indifferent, while at the same time explaining why you need idealista

Watch blurred 10” video [suitable for all age groups] directly on vimeo

“Caught in the act” can only be seen in full after 10 pm, hence a blurred version has been created where viewers do not get to see the details of the image clearly and which can be broadcast 24 hours a day. This second version was created by the company when some channels refused to show the advertisement in full and the indications of the self-regulation bureau, which issued a report restricting the timetable in which viewers can see the complete, uncensored version

Watch 45” caught in the act video [long version] directly on vimeo is currently spain’s biggest real estate portal. With over five and a half million users a month, it possesses the biggest property market database and it is the only portal present in other european markets, via (italy) and (Portugal). The price reports drafted by have become a market benchmark in- and outside spain for public bodies such as the international monetary fund (imf), the oecd, investment and venture capital funds and numerous banks and savings banks

How was the advertisement made?

We have added the making of of the advertisement so you can see the see the set where it was filmed and learn the secrets concerning how this fun recording, which has left no-one indifferent, was made


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